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Thread: PUP.FunWebProducts: myfuncards has number of suspicious files

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    PUP.FunWebProducts: myfuncards has number of suspicious files

    Hello friends my PUP.FunWebProducts myfuncards has been scanned by me and have found number of suspicious files I have done both the scans, Malwarebytes full scan and the Ad-Aware full scan and they both have been successfully able to find number of suspicious file like PUP.FunWebProducts and File named myfuncards1.exe in temporary internet files, AdWare.MyWebSearch, Registry Key they have been checked for removal.

    And the adware scan has found Trojan.Win32.Generic BT, myfuncards[1].exe, Various Cookies and they have been asked to remove for ever have anyone of you saw such stuffs with your system please tell me that I have been wondering a lot about this please help me .And I even want to know that when they have been scanned and removed or quarantined now is my pc safe?

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    Re: PUP.FunWebProducts: myfuncards has number of suspicious files

    Well friend there have been lots of problem with this and I have found number of guys been asking the same problems so I think they have been facing lots of problem like the virus sudden hits and all and been disabling problem and this problems have been very tough to solve. I would say that there have been more article over this problem stating lots of stuffs about this PUP.FunWebProducts and its products and its other products.

    I hope that you must have done a check of your funcard with the malwarebyte I am sure that they would be having some problem to and you would be facing lots of trouble if you keep them just check out you would be finding some problem with them and you would be asked to remove or quarantined it in your system and you need to do that to save your pc.

    I would be saying that only blocking all those files wont be solving your problem you need to go through with its other sites providing the complete information about that and then you can take a several option and that is depended on your antivirus that is it able to quarantine it properly or no I think the best thing would be if you remove them completely from your computer and only then you would be safer you need to remove the funcard if they have been showing any problem.

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    Re: PUP.FunWebProducts: myfuncards has number of suspicious files

    I think you are not safe until you remove it completely if they have been able to find any problem from your Malwarebytes and adware and if so many problems then sure you need to remove them.

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    Re: PUP.FunWebProducts: myfuncards has number of suspicious files

    When i was using it i too had a same experience and so i just uninstalled it and i have never used it again this product has been really very harmfull for the pc and so i kept on suggesting everyone not to use it and for you also the same thing dont use it and if you have installed it some days back then just restore your system and this would surely help you and it would be the best idea instead of just uninstalling the software.

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