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Thread: How is Network Magic?

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    How is Network Magic?

    Any idea how is it? Well I am talking about the network magic? I just got a free trial version of this network magic and since I don’t know much about it. So that’s why I am asking you all about the same. so do let me know as if what can be done about it. If anyone of you all have knowledge about the same then do start replying over here. Will I be able to connect multiple computers with it. Does anyone here have used it then do let me know about it. I am waiting for the necessary suggestions from you all, so do reply accordingly over here. I am waiting for the necessary help from you all.

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    Re: How is Network Magic?

    Well let me inform you all that network magic is a good network program which is used for building up a network. So you can do that with the help of the Network Magic. So that’s what I am saying here. Hope you do watch out for the same and let me know if you are planning to do something with it. So if you have some issues with the network then only go ahead with the network magic. So that’s what you have to do. Hope this suggestion was of some help for you in this case.

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    Re: How is Network Magic?

    That is a product which is developed for producing home and small office networks. I think that is the product that will be useful for you if you are planning to setup anything like the one that I have mentioned you here, so that’s what I want to say over here. do watch out for the same and if you need more information on the same then I would advise you to visit the official site of cisco and you will get the necessary information there itself. so do as what I have said here, it will be helpful for you.

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    Re: How is Network Magic?

    Well I am one of the user who had some problem with the product. Well what I am saying here is that I had established a network with 4 computers,1 printer, 1 sony dash & my android but the problem with that network was that it used to regularly drop some of the products at one interval of time and it was really frustrating to get one. I don’t know what will be the condition with your trial version, since I had got a home version and I was not at all happy with the performance. I don’t know about yours but still if you want to give a try for the same then do go ahead with it.

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    Re: How is Network Magic?

    If you like the trial version then better jump directly to the pro version. I think that will be a perfect suggestion one for you. Though it will be $30 extra from the home version but still I feel it will be better to go with the pro version that’s what I feel over here. Like the above user said that he was not at all satisfied with the home version, the same was the mistake committed by me as well. Even I thought of going with the home version but did not like at all and hence adding more 30$ I switched to the pro version now it is a much better.

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    Re: How is Network Magic?

    Ok thanks for letting me know about it. I am happy with the responses that you all have given here. appreciate the efforts that you have out in to solve the issue. So thanks a ton for the same. Well what I am saying is that I will definitely try with the same. Well I don’t have a big network to set up and hence I might not think of going ahead with the product. So this is what I want to say over here. anyways thanks for the suggestions that you have given here. I appreciate the effort that you took to solve my issue. so thanks again for the same.

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