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Thread: Full Backup and incremental on SBS2008 BESR2010

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    Full Backup and incremental on SBS2008 BESR2010

    Do a clean install BESR made me increase my backups, with weekly full backups of my system and hard drive. Then I removed the backup work and formed a new one (the only one, increment daily, full). But BESR only do full backup every day, no increment any more. I tried to remove the job and make a new one; I removed all backups, tried with and without VSS etc...Nothing seems to make an impact on BESR. How can I clean my backup protocol in the BESR console? There are still entries for backups and offsite copies listed, which have been deleted before manually?

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    Re: Full Backup and incremental on SBS2008 BESR2010

    Are you 100% positive that you selected recovery point set backup and not self-sufficient (occupied only) backup when you re-created the job? And what files do you see in the backup destination folder? Are they only .v2i or do you also see .iv2i files? Can you explain how the schedule is configured (including the custom option for when to start a new base backup? Explain me using custom option also? Let me know how to configure step by step.

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    Re: Full Backup and incremental on SBS2008 BESR2010

    Yes I am 100 % confident I only have .v2i Files. Does this have to do with the schedule? I made my backups with and without custom options for the base set, no change. Right now it is fixed to not using custom option. Can I send you any configuration-file, so you can look at the situation? Where can I look myself? Might Reinstallation of BESR will help you. I’m not 100 % confident but give try if it works than its good.

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    Re: Full Backup and incremental on SBS2008 BESR2010

    Perhaps reinstalling of BESR will be helpful? What else can I remove safely from All Users/Symantec/ directory to make sure there is no old data from earlier considered jobs taken to the new one?"Planned Backup-Time: Scheduled: At 21:00 at the selected days of the week, starting at 11.05.2011.Next run: 18.05.2011 21:00Start new Recovery Point Base: First time, when the Backup is executed in the new week."

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    Re: Full Backup and incremental on SBS2008 BESR2010

    I'm not sure why you are seeing this, especially as it was working. Try running the following batch file to see if it helps: C:\Program Files(x86)\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Fixinstall.bat Ok, I reinstalled the whole software and now it seems to work. Same options as before. Let’s see if it keeps on working. Finally I hope this solution help yo u . Let me know if you required any help for installing BESR

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