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Thread: Is, it a latency or virus

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    Is, it a latency or virus

    I am having internet on my home, it having 999 plans; it’s of 1GB plan. But then also I am not getting a full speed that I think. When I perform a speed test it shows a proper speed then also I am experiencing a very low speed and downloading speed has been also reduced. When I contact to ISP (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER) and elaborate my issue, he is saying it’s not our fault. I have checked every thing. Receiving packet, outgoing packet everything is fine. Then is there problem of virus or latency. Please help.

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    Re: Is, it a latency or virus

    The speed of your internet is depending on your Service provider and which plan your connection. Various plans are provided by the Internet service provider. So you can choose a high speed plan for high speed browsing and downloading. Normally the downloading speed is calculated as {Total Speed / 8}.normally virus will going to slow down your computer not a internet. So no virus issue is there so don’t worry. Just go on…

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    Re: Is, it a latency or virus

    If it is broadband connection verify that the network cable is properly connected and checked the crimping is done with proper color code. The mode of transition should me proper, if its high speed than the optical fiber should be use for transmission, because you are paying more. Verify the group policy and check whether the packet receiving setting is properly configed.

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    Re: Is, it a latency or virus

    Data should be transmitted between one computer to another without any delay that is termed as latency. The internet service provider includes network latency as: the propagation time (the propagation of data from one System to another should be fast). The medium also plays an important role; the bad selection of transmission medium should also speed down your internet speed. So I recommend choosing a proper selection.

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    Re: Is, it a latency or virus

    You should disable the automatic update System, or keep it on schedule. Every time updation of software might slow down your internet speed. Or try this, it may help you open run and type”gpedit.msc” make sure that administrator account is logged in. Now Expand the Local Computer Policy Branch and in that expand Network branch, Select the “QoS Packet Scheduler” from windows and double click on “limit reservable bandwidth” on setting tab select the ENABLED and set it to 0%, this solution can help you in improving your browser speed. Virus is different topic in this.

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