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Thread: I wan to buy an Poweredge 1750 Server by Dell

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    I wan to buy an Poweredge 1750 Server by Dell

    I had seen this server setup which is quiet a nice with regular server. I want to know what is more in the same. The server looks quiet a good and the performance is the one thing which matters here. I want to know what more does it process. How about the processing power of the server. Is it well enough to hold up data transfer of an mid size business. There are regular known issues which such thing which is not really known to all. Thanks.

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    Re: I wan to buy an Poweredge 1750 Server by Dell

    You can say that PowerEdge 1750 server is an kind of an general purpose high performance server. It provides an easy to manage system configuration with a large number of racks. You get an 1U dual processor specifically designed for infrastructure environments. Other than this you can use EON which is also known as Edge-of-Network and configure clusters of large computers under single place. You can also work with technology-based client or thin server. The server is all in one pack for all support and hardware you need.

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    Re: I wan to buy an Poweredge 1750 Server by Dell

    I will say it is an kind of an great performance server. You can get more than what you want in this. The server is equipped with Intel Xeon processor which can run at the capacity of 3.2Ghz of clock frequency. The processor supports hyper-threading. Currently they only provide you around 8GB of DDR SDRAM and a 266 Mhz of ECC. The system is awesome which makes the system an much powerful for an server work.

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    Re: I wan to buy an Poweredge 1750 Server by Dell

    The server has a greater performance and fits for a mid size and even for some big size business firm. The current processing power of the system provides an faster access to memory and PCI bus architecture. Your hardware performance is quiet increased with this. There is more chances to use a better kind of power supplies in the server. There is an kind of an optional choice for the same. The server also has an integration of dual channel Raid system support which comes with an 128mb of cache memory.

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    Re: I wan to buy an Poweredge 1750 Server by Dell

    The system is entirely use friendly. This server is equipped with open manage server administration and Dell OpenManage IT Assistant. This tools are much functional and must needed for an server environment. You can quickly troubleshoot the serve with the help of remote management functionality with the option of integrated remote access. I will recommend this one for an kind of high performance system and better output.

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    Re: I wan to buy an Poweredge 1750 Server by Dell

    A Intel Xeon processor is quiet enough for processing and better performance. 8GB is quiet a good for data processing and there other general purpose support on the same also. The server is capable of running simultaneous task and increases the response time alo. The server is equipped with ServerWorks GCLE chipset support which as an five peer PCI buses for maximum I / S. You must go through more detail information regarding the specs before buying the same.

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