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Thread: How to cache AD Security Groups for Offline Permissions?

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    How to cache AD Security Groups for Offline Permissions?

    Hello everyone I am a user who wants to know something from you all basically that’s a simple question that I would like to ask. Well the thing is that I am using the AD security groups to apply permissions for access to device classes on end user. Now I have different permissions setting for the different users as well as they are based on the security groups, now these days I have been getting instances that policy in the software is not being applied correctly and due to that wifi is not working and also the device classes are being declined by the client software now why is that so why such a sudden changes in the behavior guys I need an answer for this so please do explain it to me.

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    Re: How to cache AD Security Groups for Offline Permissions?

    Well what you can do is you have two options in front of you one of them is that try switching to the different security network or else try the steps that i am giving you here
    1. Create a security group in the year that Group 1

    2. Add to UserA Group 1 in the year

    3. Now, we give permission for group 1 in the SharePoint site as a partner that

    Note: All users who belong to Group 1 will be automatically added to the UserInfo table ContentDB respective web application.

    4. As UserA belongs to group 1, will have access to a site as a contributor.

    5. Now, UserA uploads files or adjust the items. In short, works with the site. After a while, remove UserA of Group 1 in the current directory.

    6. IMP: please run UserProfile synchronization service. Also make a note that no errors of the respective web application.

    Note: UserProfile synchronization service will actually be updating the UserInfo table values for each ContentDB UserProfile use this service application. You can see the deleted user profile in the category of missing. Not sure of the exact number, but I guess I need atleast 4 full / import additional profiles before it deletes the entry for the user to the UserInfo table for the profile are missing.

    7. Now, logon to the site where the user has given permission. I have not tried SPWeb.DoesUserhasPermissons after this, but I'm pretty sure they too will return false or can be any exception.

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    Re: How to cache AD Security Groups for Offline Permissions?

    Ya I know about that method but that thing did not work for me so try and give me some other solutions for the same so lets see if that is working for me or not. So thanks for giving all the suggestions and I m sorry that your effort did not gave me much help here, so can you suggest me something else that you think will be effective for me so please do give me if you have any other more suggestions for me, so please do reply as I am waiting for your suggestions.

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    Re: How to cache AD Security Groups for Offline Permissions?

    Well I will try and give you some solution which I think will be perfect for you so do have a look at them and let me know if that works or not. See what I was speaking was that One possible work around is, that you can try using UserProfileService.asmx webservice in your custom Webpart to get the respective Profile information. So what that will do is that it will throw 401 Unauthorized exception for users and that too which do not exist or are deactivated in Active Directory.

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    Re: How to cache AD Security Groups for Offline Permissions?

    Ok thanks for all the help that you have given here and I appreciate your efforts for solving out the issue for me but sorry even that also did not seem to work for me, so this one also did not work for me, so any other thing that you would like to suggest me then please do reply as I am really not getting solutions from any part of this world I will try and have a chat with some of my seniors over the same and I will inform you accordingly.

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