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Thread: Need help to set Active Directory Domain Controller password

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    Need help to set Active Directory Domain Controller password

    Hi I want to know how to set active domain controller password? I tried to get information regarding this, but I couldn’t succeed. So if you know about this thing then do let me know as its very important for me to do that else I would be in a big problem. So if anyone who has any idea about it then do reply. I am waiting for a honest and quick reply. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Need help to set Active Directory Domain Controller password

    lots of people use the Windows server, as well as Windows Server as a workstation. It means to a group of computers and devices on a network which are administered as a part with common rules and procedures. the host computer to operate such equipment through your administrator account and password. But you should know how to operate such equipment in workstation. You need to install Active Directory domain controller. For that you need to learn about the domain controller's Active Directory.

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    Re: Need help to set Active Directory Domain Controller password

    A domain controller is a server that runs a version of Windows Server O.S and has already intalled Active Directory Domain Services. When you want to create a new domain, or an extra domain controller in an existing domain, you will configure the server with the domain controller role by installing domain controller Active Directory. When you log into a P.C in a network,your id and password are checked at the central server inspite of what computer your connecting from. A domain controller can also control access to files and directories can be configured so that users can get access to all files regardless of the computer to log on from.

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    Re: Need help to set Active Directory Domain Controller password

    While connecting several to a network, you will require to set Active Directory Domain Controller password in a host computer. The following will explain tell you how to do. For instance Take Windows Server 2008. You might be knowing about the process if you have set up a domain controller previously with Windows 2000 Server, or Windows Server 2003.

    The steps for this are:

    1. Click Start then Run and type “dcpromo”
    2. Then will begin the installation of Active Directory domain Controller.Then A table lists additional wizard pages, select the advanced mode installation check box.
    3. A page regarding Operating System Compatibility will open up. Click Next
    4. Choose Create a new domain in a new forest, then Click Next
    5. Then you Enter the fully qualified domain name of the forest root domain in the text box provided and click Next. After you have done that select Use advanced mode installation on the Welcome page, type the NetBIOS domain name if needed, or accept the default name and click Next.
    6. Select the forest functional level, select the desired level and click Next. Ensure that you do read the description of each functional level to understand the difference between each.
    7. In the Additional Domain Controller Options page, you can choose to install the DNS service to your server. To configure the DC as a DNS server, so select the box below and click Next.
    8. Then you have the location where the database stores domain controller, log files and SYSVOL on the server.
    9. In the Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password (DSRM) page, write a password and confirm it. The password is actually is useful when the domain controller is started in Directory Services Restore Mode, which might be as Active Directory Domain Services is not running, or for tasks that are to be performed offline.
    Make sure that you note down this password when you really need it. I know many administrators forgot it when they really need it !!
    10. Summary page will be displayed showing you all the setting that you have set. Then follow the instruction you will finish the installation.

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    Re: Need help to set Active Directory Domain Controller password

    well, I just want to inform you that Setting up a Domain Controller in Windows Server 2008 is not such a complex thing. But when you add a AD domain password, your should keep it in mind. And If you lose this AD domain password, the one and only way to reset it, is by using a windows password recovery which will help you recover AD Domain password. The best one is Windows Password Key Enterprise. It is 100% working. I have tried it myself! So you need not worry about it!

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    ThumbsUp Re: Need help to set Active Directory Domain Controller password

    As Lemog said, it is troublesome to recover lost DC password.
    I have met the Server password and used Windows Password Recovery Corporation for my forgotten Server domain password.

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