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Thread: Tools required to encrypt and decrypt data

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    Tools required to encrypt and decrypt data

    Our external provider has to send a file to use PGP encryption and AES encryption. We at the receiving end does not have PGP installed on our servers. Although you can send an SDA (self decrypting file) version, we are not able to decrypt using the graphical user interface and we must be able to decipher the command line, all you have to be automated and there should be no manual intervention. Is there any way we can decode without installing PGP and without having to go through a graphical user interface?

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    Re: Tools required to encrypt and decrypt data

    PGP i.e. pretty good privacy is an encryption and decryption technique which is highly costly but efficient. They are basically installed on the servers so that the data is decrypted through PGP. You must do exactly the same things which your PGP requires from command line. It is basically free and completely open source. Using PGP is very good since it is highly efficient which keeps your data protected from other users. Also read the manuals for using PGP keys.

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    Re: Tools required to encrypt and decrypt data

    Invisible Secrets is a security tool used to encrypt data and files for protecting or for secure file transfer over the Internet. You can also hide things within other files, such as picture or sound files or web pages. These types of files mixes our important papers or letters which get stored on our last holiday pictures, or use of our web page to exchange messages or secret documents. Invisible Secrets also allows you to encrypt files and hide them directly from Windows Explorer, and then automatically move them via email or through Internet. The program has strong encryption algorithms that guide us during all the steps which are necessary to protect our data. Additional features that it includes are password manager, local file, a file shredder, and the option to clean up our steps on the Internet including cookies and more.

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    Re: Tools required to encrypt and decrypt data

    Secure IT is a file encryption that protects all your files and folders which uses 448bit strong Blowfish or AES encryption. It is very easy to use. We can encrypt files such as documents, movies, photos, etc and also creates self-decrypting .exe files which we sent via email and the receiver does not need to install the same or any other software to decrypt it. Security also includes a secure file shredder allows us to delete files beyond recovery. The program is easy to use and provides step-by-step wizards to encrypt and decrypt files. So I think this software can be used if you want to get rid of PGP even though it is good software which will protect your data and decrypt the encrypted data for the use.

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    Re: Tools required to encrypt and decrypt data

    Encrypt Easy is a file encryption program that enables high security and fast one-click encryption for personal and professional security. This software allows encryption and decryption of single files, folders and also entire directories. This is the best encryption algorithms and the most proven 448-bit Blowfish.
    Once the information has been encrypted, it can be stored on media devices or unsecured transmission and still remain secret. With a single mouse click and password, you can decrypt the information in its original form. The software is fully integrated with Windows Explorer. It also includes extra features which has Easy Encrypt list of innovative services. It contains a self-extracting feature that allows users to send out encrypted files, and then decrypt the program without using Encrypt Easy. The command line allows faster integration into automated processes.
    For safe disposal of data, a file shredder feature is used that allows us to delete all files and folders containing sensitive data permanently from your systems so that it cannot be recovered. Shredder uses the DoD 5220.22-M with seven passes. Encrypt Easy-cleaning utility sees to it that all Internet activities and the system having secret information will be deleted. Together, all security services provide care fast, convenient and secure your data!

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