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Thread: Lost Major packet with SG TCP optimizer

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    Lost Major packet with SG TCP optimizer

    There is problem with the TPC IP optimizer software that I am using from last few months, though before that I did not encounter nay such problem with this software, when I was streaming a online game it loses a ton of major packets, that I get from the log file of this optimizer software. I tried with the other online game also, there I found similar issue, I am simply willing to replace the SG TCP optimizer software for my widows 7 compatible system. Is there anyone having any idea on this issue?

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    Re: Lost Major packet with SG TCP optimizer

    I think the problems I is occurring for the internet connection, though if the packets are looses then this can only be occurring for the connection sped, check the speed of the internet. I hope the packets loosing is related with this, check this and if you will found any problem over there the contact with the service provider of the connection that you are using.

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    Re: Lost Major packet with SG TCP optimizer

    The Internet download Optimizer (IDO) can speed up your downloads by up to 200% with its new advanced logic optimization of TCP/IP connections. Its interface verifies your operating system and directs you through a number of steps to achieve faster or accurate Internet performance. By this application you can also tweak the registry settings manually and restore original ones if you find any problems with them. The distribution package includes one small binary file and a complete package of assistance that describes the wizard and explains the arrangements he made in the record. I recommend you to go for this optimizer software.

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    Re: Lost Major packet with SG TCP optimizer

    I recommend you to use the ROBO Optimizer Pro. This software will take an accessible web page and copies it to make a extremely optimized webpage optimized for specific keywords for radically improved search engine position through an 11-point wizard. It is extremely fast, easy and no knowledge of HTML use request. This version also includes a WYSIWYG HTML editor for creating Web pages.

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    Re: Lost Major packet with SG TCP optimizer

    Emsa EZMem Optimizer is a very simple utility for network optimization. Just a click of a button - and in seconds your system recovers valuable network speed. It also shows memory status in real time, is also uses to check the difference before and after the liberation of RAM on your machine. This application has been optimized for a balance between RAM freed and system performance as well as the network performance. Do not use the system while optimizing. I strongly recommend for using this freeware.

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