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Thread: SG TCP Optimizer 3.0.4 not working properly

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    SG TCP Optimizer 3.0.4 not working properly

    I am having a Dell inspiron one desktop PC, I recently upgrade my system from XP to windows 7 OS, and after that I encountered a problem in my system. The main problem is that the SG TCP Optimizer is not running properly. This software I was using from a long time in my system for getting better result with the internet connection, along with i am not able to monitor the internet connection. Is the problem is occurring or the software itself, am I need to change this software? Or this occurring for the system up-gradation? Any information regarding this input freely.

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    Re: SG TCP Optimizer 3.0.4 not working properly

    Is the software version that you are using in your system is compatible with the operating system that you installed recently in your system, along with this also check the internet connection, they problem might also be there, the connection is already running very slow or any wrong with the internet. Apart from that I would like to know from you that are you using any other TCP optimizer software in your system? if yes then remove that, if you are willing to use only the SG TCP Optimizer.

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    Re: SG TCP Optimizer 3.0.4 not working properly

    As per the problem, I suggest you to reload the software version in your system, though the software was working fine with all of its functions and features, then I think it might be messed up with any other application of the newly installed operating system. For this the reload process will surely help you to overcome from the problem, remove the existing one and also remove its contained folder, now proceed to fresh installation.

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    Re: SG TCP Optimizer 3.0.4 not working properly

    If you looking for any other TCP optimizer software then I recommend you to go for the Axence NetTools Pro, it has 12 different tools for network management, such as for monitoring the network along with its performance, to analyze network problems, and for the protection and administration, it is better continues for provide basic statistics for network access about ping, trace, DNS and WHOIS lookup etc.

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    Re: SG TCP Optimizer 3.0.4 not working properly

    AdRem MyNet Software Toolset is a free application that designed for tracking the network and also automatically create a graphical map of the network representing for the attached devices, including IP addresses, MAC addresses, domain names, locations, names or node types etc, apart from that the operating systems and network services occurring on the selected nodes. The network map MyNet Toolset can be used as a tool box-to-host on the network. By right-clicking on the selected node, you can run the tool with preferred network and thus able to troubleshoot your network. This toolset is licensed as freeware for the any Windows operating system. The MyNet toolset is able to discover all the nodes on the local network and create a map from which the technical staff also can customize the menu for each node to perform the most common analysis tools.

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