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Thread: Multiple KAS process

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    Multiple KAS process

    Hello friend I have trouble regarding my antivirus. In my home computer, it seems that two KAS processes is running at the same time, one for database upgrade and one for the scanning process. Once I have also seen four KAS processes is running simultaneously. This is taking much of the computer memory. So I want to know is there any parameter to set which can avoid this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Multiple KAS process

    Hello friend I read your problem. There could be many reason that you are facing multiple process of antivirus. Several processes could run in single time & on any older machines, it can use more CPU resources. You should not run full scan all the time. turn off the rootkit scan. Set custom schedule for the update so it does not repeat very often. So in the setting change the update option.

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    Re: Multiple KAS process

    Hello friend there is no problem, from my point of view there is two processes in which one process is for the GUI and another process is for the protection. So at all times tow process will be there that will run all time. So at time of updates and scans this will utilize more memory of your system. Process number can also increase to more than two if you have opened the program window in same time. I think now you got the solution to your problem. If any further issue let me know.

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    Re: Multiple KAS process

    Hello friend I would like to thank you for doing such a good job for helping othersI had forgotten to schedule the update process of my antivirus, that I come to know while reading this forum. I also reviewed the other schedules to try to take them apart from each other. Thank you for your help. Keeping visiting this forum to help all the people.

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