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Thread: KIS shows message for “New Network Connection”

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    KIS shows message for “New Network Connection”

    I installed KIS antivirus on my laptop that has Windows 7 operating system running on it. When I installed the application and insert the registration key, antivirus software is enabled and was able to scan my computer with no problems with it. But it has gone bad since last week every time I start my computer I get a message on the screen showing "a new network connection." I am using a wireless network in my house that most family members use, but also always ask for a new network connection. Can anyone help me to know why I'm getting this error and what should I do to get it solved?

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    Re: KIS shows message for “New Network Connection”

    Since you have mentioned that you are using the home connection network which is a wireless network from where everyone can select it. So you must select the home network in the network settings and should apply for the same so that your laptop remembers that to always connect to one peculiar network and after that one thing is certain that you will not get the other option of the New Network Connection on your laptop every time you open the same. Once the settings so as to which and where connection is to get attached then your laptop will automatically clinch to that network without looking for some other network.

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    Re: KIS shows message for “New Network Connection”

    After reading this I think that it is happening because of the some other wireless closed to your house or where you home network is located. If this is the case, then what fell that the connections are fluctuating with each other and that is why this message is always showing new network connection is requested on your laptop. Since you cannot control the network for the reason that it is mobile and that is why I come to notice that the wireless network are always very delicate and are very vulnerable to the risks of piracy. So what I suggest is that you either must use this and remove the option every time you request, or may even go to the firewall settings and privacy and security highest point as possible to avoid election the new network connection.

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    Re: KIS shows message for “New Network Connection”

    I have did the same thing as you guys have suggested me over here I checked the firewall settings to find the privacy and security option and what I found is I am taking the total amount of security and privacy, but then also I am continuously receiving this message every time I open my laptop. . Since there are a lot of people in my house to be connected to the Internet at the same time for everyone to have opted for this wireless connection, and can not switch to the wired network. I know that the antivirus software I'm using is one of the best in the business, but also to avoid any risk, as such, I would like to remain as secure as possible.

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