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Thread: Kaspersky not compatible with software

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    Kaspersky not compatible with software

    I have a laptop here and I am really finding a lot of trouble with the compatibility of the Antivirus and the software on the laptop here. The antivirus program that I have here is Kaspersky 2011 Internet Security and laptop is ASUS G73JW notebook. After I installed the antivirus on the notebook it just got unstable and it started to crash. I have seen that some of the software is also not working with on the notebook. Has anyone else faced the issue before? Please let me know if the notebook of mine is actually compatible with the antivirus there and with the ASUS software? Any clearance in the matter will be appreciated here.

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    Re: Kaspersky not compatible with software

    If you are actually looking for the compatibility issues then it seems to me that it will be fine if you can get the Asus data security updated. The thing is that Asus data security is not compatible with the Antivirus Kaspersky and hence you might be getting the issue there. All you need to do is update the Asus data security and see if that can be compatible after that. Once you will have Asus data security updated then for sure you will not have trouble at all with the working of the Antivirus program there. Do this there and let us know about the same.

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    Re: Kaspersky not compatible with software

    You are really going to have trouble if at all you are using the Kaspersky antivirus on Asus Notebook. The actual issue is that this notebook has a number of programs and they are really not compatible with some of the Antivirus and hence it will be better if you can just have some other Antivirus installed on your laptop and see if it can give you better security. It is always better that you have the things installed on the laptop so that you can use it to the full extent. You can try to go with the Bitdefender and if not that then you can for sure go with ESET NOD 32. Please see for the trial version of the Antivirus and then go for purchasing the same. Hope that can help you there with the issue that you are getting.

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    Re: Kaspersky not compatible with software

    I have this antivirus running on the ASUS F3Sr notebook and I have the latest version of the Antivirus installed here. It is the version 2011. Well in addition to this I have just uninstalled some of the applications of ASUS and they are really not that functional here so I thought that it will be simply great if we can keep them out from the notebook. I have only Splendid Color Management installed on the notebook and in addition to this to manage the power I have I have installed Power4Go Extreme as well. With all this things I have really not got any issue and hope that it will help you there as well. Let me get notified about the same. See if that can really make difference to your case.

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    Re: Kaspersky not compatible with software

    It will be better if you can just have the installation of the Antivirus in your case and see if that can help the Antivirus program to run on the notebook. I am sure that this will really help you there. If you want you can try a work around instead. All you will be required to do is uninstall the Antivirus Program and then visit the official site of the Kaspersky and see if the system can fetch the proper version of the Antivirus after that.

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    Re: Kaspersky not compatible with software

    It will be better if you can just have the updates installed for the Laptop of yours there and see if that can help you in making the difference there. In my case however I was having the same trouble and the remedy was that I just got the notebook replaced and then when I tried to install this antivirus everything was just working fine after that. I would also recommend the same in your case here. Now I really do not have any issue with the Antivirus program nor I have the issue with the notebook as well. Let me know if you were able to do the same.

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