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Thread: Clicking on “Neutralize all” in Kaspersky 9 antivirus does nothing

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    Clicking on “Neutralize all” in Kaspersky 9 antivirus does nothing

    I have windows 7 in my system and I have Kaspersky Internet Security 9. On my system Kaspersky Internet Security 9 task bar become a red in color saying that your computer at risk and one message shows always saying that some threats have been found. When I click that message, I will get advice saying that I have to neutralize the system. When I click to that nothing happens to Kaspersky Internet Security. I need to know why the Kaspersky Internet Security becomes red in color. This problem started before some days. Please anyone can help on this matter.

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    Re: Clicking on “Neutralize all” in Kaspersky 9 antivirus does nothing

    According to me due to the some virus threats will be there in your system. Therefore the Kaspersky Internet Security becomes red color. If you Kaspersky Internet Security were not updated then you will get this problem. To solve this problem you have to make some changes. By removing the temporary file and cleaning the system will help you. The temporary files must remove by manually. To do that click on the start icon on the desktop, now choose the program menu and select accessories menu. Under the accessories you will find the system tool, select the system tool. Now here you have to click on the Disk Cleanup, now you will get one wizard under this select the drive i.e. normally C: drive. Finally check the check box in your left side of the wizard application. When you done all this steps reboot your system and I hope this will you lot.

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    Re: Clicking on “Neutralize all” in Kaspersky 9 antivirus does nothing

    Just try to find out information under Active threats, to do that you have follow the steps. Open Kaspersky Internet Security program, now select the Quarantine on top of the Kaspersky Internet Security program. Under Quarantine you find the Detected threats click on that and now select the Change Quarantined to Active Threats. Inside this if you don’t find any list it means you don’t have any problem. If you have some list on detected threats then you have to right click on the list and hit on the clear list. Then reboot your machine in safe mode and run the full scan. This will help you in remove the threats.

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    Re: Clicking on “Neutralize all” in Kaspersky 9 antivirus does nothing

    I would like to suggest you that you need to re install the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. So that you can avoid your issue, you may go through these following steps. First disable the both Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. This is the step for disabling: Select the Start button on the desktop, now click on All Programs, and then select the Windows Defender program. Under Windows Defender program Click Tools, and make hit on Options. Under options select the Administrator options, now here uncheck the Use of Windows Defender check box, and then make a hit to save. After that make sure you have the activation code of the Kaspersky Internet Security. Now uninstall the Kaspersky Internet Security through control panel. At last download clean copy of Kaspersky Internet Security. Now you need to install the Kaspersky Internet Security. I would also suggest you to clean the all temporary files on your system it could help you lot.

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