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Thread: Search Advisor won’t work on Google

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    Search Advisor won’t work on Google

    I use BitDefender internet Security 2011 later with the construction and update. When I search using google, the research consultant will never work for me. However, when I tried to search with Google from other countries (i.e. United Kingdom, Hong Kong), Councilor research work very well. I also tried to do a search on yahoo; the research advisor will also work very well. Could you please fix it or tell me how to solve this problem because I mainly use google for my research.

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    Re: Search Advisor won’t work on Google

    I think this is only because of cache file. Do just delete the cache for Firefox.
    1. At the pinnacle of the Firefox pane, click the Tools and choose Options
    2. Choose the Advanced pane.
    3. Click on the Network tab
    4. In the Offline Storage part, choose Clear Now.
    5. Click OK to shut the Options pane down

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    Re: Search Advisor won’t work on Google

    Yes, you are right but I think it is because of the temporary folders. Delete temporary files and restart the PC. At the top of the Firefox window, click the Tools menu and select Delete recent history.
    1. Select the quantity of the story you want to delete:
    2. Click the dropdown menu next to the beach to clear time to choose which part of your story clears Firefox.
    3. After that click on the arrow beside Details to choose accurately what information will be deleted. Your selections are described in what things are built-in?
    4. Lastly, choose the Clear Now key and the window shuts down and the items you have chosen will be deleted.

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    Re: Search Advisor won’t work on Google

    Delete temporary files:
    1. Click the Start menu then go to RUN
    2. If you do not see the Run option then presses the keys: Press the Windows key (between the left CTRL and ALT) and press one button R. The Run dialog box appears;
    3. Type: % tmp% and click OK;
    4. Select all the files in that folder (including folders) and delete them.
    5. Restart the PC.

    Please let me know if the problem persists.

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    Re: Search Advisor won’t work on Google

    I also have the same problem and tried all the suggestions made in the course. But the problem is still there. I tried to install other software like Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky, Trend Micro and their total advisor job search any file on my computer, so I think there is a problem with the BIS it itself is not my computer, but I'm ready to test as you suggest. And if anyone has any further information than please also provide me.

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    Re: Search Advisor won’t work on Google

    Are you done research in the same Firefox window? Are you using the back button?
    1. If you are looking for using quick search bar is research work consultants;
    2. If you are looking normal by visiting the Google Web site advisor not working;

    The only known bug related to the search consultant is that the icon does not appear if you use the "Back" button on the browser but a resolution will soon be available for it. I suspect the two issues are linked. Is this true and happening with both browsers?

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