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Thread: Block applications by restriction policies

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    Block applications by restriction policies

    How to stop a application by assigning software restriction policy. I have some system newly connected to my Windows server. They work on Windows XP. I want this settings for both my server and local system. I found that his software restriction policies to take effect after re-logon to the system. So anytime when I make changes at the logon the setting starts working. I need some more help to understand the different number of levels define in this. Which can be the most appropriate settings more me that I can use. But on the same hand this must also not spoil my systems performance.

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    Re: Block applications by restriction policies

    It is possible in Windows XP. By this you can manage permissions to run programs using restriction policies. Remember that these policies apply both to the system installed on the system partitions. It does not matter if the system partition is NTFS or FAT32. To use this feature you have to start working from Local Security Settings. It is located in the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy. To run the config you have to type secpol.msc in the run box. From there you can restrict the application from being access your system without your permission.

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    Re: Block applications by restriction policies

    Yes software restriction policies is a powerful mechanism to identify programs and also it allows you to manage the capability of their performance. There are two ways to install the same and use this. First all the software installed on your system must be restricted for the launch and also they must be lie in exception in the list of programs allowed to execute. The second preference is that you must be allowed to run any programs and creates a list of exceptions. This must include prohibition of some startup tools and some programs which must be set on defined user rights.

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    Re: Block applications by restriction policies

    There are some default options you can try out. You do not need to set all the policies one by one. The are in Security Levels. You can just choose the most appropriate level as per your work. By default, the level of security is set to unrestricted. This allows all programs and in this you are allowed to create exceptions to the prohibition of certain programs running. Remember that software restriction policy applies only to executable files. You can check the support for that under file type. In this new list it is possible to add new files and then apply rules on that. You can also remove some types of files which you do not want on your list. So the customizing of this tool is quiet a better preference.

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    Re: Block applications by restriction policies

    I had configured this long time before. By default the restrictions policy applies to all computer users. Sometime due to the creation of incorrect rules like policies limiting the launch of the system files, the system can work properly, but in some case there is a risk of getting the setting work back again at normal position automatically. Therefore it is desirable to distribute the action policy only to users excluded from the policy actions of local administrators. For this you will need to follow the appropriate settings. You can do this on each local machine and then on server also.

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    Re: Block applications by restriction policies

    There is one settings which applies to library files. They are the dll files which are critical system component. When you install any tool by default security level prohibits the execution of programs that will create additional permits for each library that uses the program, otherwise the program will not work correctly. You can also use hash to create restriction policies. The same is calculated by a special mathematical algorithm. The file can be renamed or moved to another folder or to another computer. When you make changes to the file its hash changes. A other way is restricting application by using path rule.

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