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Thread: can not start the X server

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    can not start the X server

    I would first like to inform you that I am beginning ubuntu linux and more widely. And in this I am not able to start the x server.My laptop is a Xbook CL51 with Intel Celeron processor and graphics card ati radeon 9700 mobility. My OS: Ubuntu 8.04.3. After making the updates I shut off my computer without problem and the next day do not function normally. At launch it starts and then stops as usual to spend on a screen to black or various line. So please help me guys on this query. It is really very annoying issue.

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    Re: can not start the X server

    I do not know if that can help you, but I think I had the same problem with my nividia. I use KUBUNTU 10.10 recently and I'm really happy. Only this morning it start black screen. I'm Not a good boss in the Linux world but I tried this:
    - Log command line
    - Search the xorg.conf (cd / etc/X11 / home)
    - Edit the xorg.conf: sudo nano xorg.conf
    - Remove nvidia and replaced by nv
    - Save ctrl + x "and O
    - Reboot
    I had already recovered but without displaying the graphical effects (cube etc). If there is any issue then that's not bad. So at that time you have to:
    - Owner driver configuration tool
    - Installing driver (my nvidia)
    - Reboot
    So after doing this in my system everything is OK! The reason I spent updates and I wonder if there is not a new kernel that is passed and shot the drivers fail or incorrectly migrated. But since I have 15 lines in the grub boot is not clear

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    Re: can not start the X server

    Here I want toask you that have you placed this order since RescueCD? Otherwise you can try to it? And that gives:
    sudo fdisk-l
    As a last resort, you can try to repair your filesystem / dev/sda1 with testdisk that you should have on the rescue cd. Otherwise you still have to reinstall the system, being careful to use but do not format your / home partition that contains all your data.

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    Re: can not start the X server

    My first try with the command "sudo fsck-f-y / dev/sda1" was passed from my console session standard Ubuntu (i.e. to that the hard drive). Given the results stated in previous post according to that I have try from an open session with the live cd. The result was a bit "better", now Ubuntu starts and then remains fixed on the brown page with the scroll bar on the windows. In terms of my data I am not too worried because I kept an old reflex of windows. They were not on sda1 sda2 but it has not been altered. But for my personal culture could you tell me what is the "-f" in the command you gave me because I did not the above see "man fsck". So if you want then you can go for this I am sure that this will help you.

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    Re: can not start the X server

    Regarding this I must say that in the present circumstances it is difficult to use the great relief pain of further loss of data. Testdisk looks if they could deliver the state, preferably working on an image of fs. You will find all necessary information about the site testdisk. If it cannot do the solution is to put your hands dirty but it will be long.

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