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Thread: Gigabyte wifi router not connecting properly

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    Gigabyte wifi router not connecting properly

    I am using a Dell inspiron laptop; this is running with windows 7 OS. The machine I basically sued for internet access and some times to play games. The gaming experience with this operating system is very good. My laptop is also impressed me with the other functions of it. I mainly used wireless network connection, from both of my home and office network. This was working fine till the date. But suddenly from few days it creates problem. I am using Gigabyte wireless router for the network access. But from last two days it starts creating problem with the network success. Whenever I tried to connect my machine and search for the network it flashes that there is no wireless network in this path. Can’t understand why this problem occurring. Though I am using this network and router from last few months. Is there anyone having any solution or information regarding this?

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    Re: Gigabyte wifi router not connecting properly

    I recommend you to download latest version of driver firmware from manufacturer web site and install into your machine, but for this be sure that the driver is compatible with the machine specification and with the operating system version. I was also facing similar issue, after that I searched everywhere for the solution and in maximum web sites I found that, this type of problem may overcome by up to date the driver firmware version. Go through this, I hope this will definitely help you to overcome from the problem.

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    Re: Gigabyte wifi router not connecting properly

    Is the wifi routers properly configured with your machine? For that I suggest you to ping into the network and sharing option from control panel, from there select the network by which you configure your machine, go to the properties of that network device by right click on it and reinsert all the information’s those are needed for the configuration. Reboot your machine and remember that, during the process unplug the network router. I had similar issue, and by this I easily resolve the issue, I hope by this you will also get help to connect your machine with router.

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    Re: Gigabyte wifi router not connecting properly

    According to me, there is only one solution for this type of problem. One of my friends was also facing similar issue, after that he did this and the problem is solved. Unplug the router from your machine. Now remove the existing driver application, and along with this also remove all the settings and the file those are collaborating with the windows log file. Reboot your machine, and then again start a fresh installation process, follow the instructions to load this, try with this, it will surely help you.

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