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Thread: Life cycle of a computer virus

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    Life cycle of a computer virus

    I am a networking student , by thinking a networking student , please do not consider me as an expert in the computers and machines , my question is regarding the virus or you can say the different phases a computer virus goes through , or you can say that I am interested in knowing the life cycle of a computer virus and the phases it goes through . Can you also tell me a bit about the virus , how they enter the boot sector . I am waiting for your response .

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    Re: Life cycle of a computer virus

    Computer viruses have a life cycle that begins while they are created and come to an end when they are totally destroyed The following information explains each stage. Until a few years ago, making or you can say coding a virus needed knowledge of a computer programming language. But in today’s world a little programming language is more than enough Generally, though, viruses exist by unwise individuals who desire to cause widespread, casual damage to computers.

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    Re: Life cycle of a computer virus

    Once the Virus is created , there are some codes in it that creates replica or you can duplicates and generate instances of viruses . The Virus name is actually given due to this feature. You will be I think familair about the virus , they are meant for divison in multiplications , an so are the Computer viruses Viruses duplicate by nature. A well-designed virus will duplicate for a long time prior to it activation , which permits it abundance of time to spread.

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    Re: Life cycle of a computer virus

    Viruses that have damage routines will make active when a few conditions are satisfied , for instance, on a particular date or when a particular action is performed by the user. Viruses without damage procedures do not trigger, instead causing harm by stealing storage space. Then after the activation the Virus is being discovered , but often this does not happen very early . To prevent your system from a virus you need to keep a copy of updated AntiVirus installed in your system .

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    Re: Life cycle of a computer virus

    Boot sector viruses were the most common virus type, scattering principally in the 16-bit DOS world through floppy disk. Boot sector viruses contaminate the boot sector on a floppy disk and multiply to a system’s s hard disk, and can also infect the master boot record (MBR) on a system's hard drive. Once the MBR or boot sector on the hard drive is comes under the impact of the virus , the virus tries to infect the boot sector of each floppy disk that is put into the computer and being used Removing up a boot sector virus can be done by booting the system from an virus free floppy system disk rather than from the hard drive .

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