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Thread: Extending wired network 200 ft

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    Extending wired network 200 ft

    I sprint my business beyond a warehouse approximately 200ft behind my residence. I have a medium sprint between the two buildings with 2 phone cables, 1 rg6 coax, and 1 cat5e. The coax and telephone lines effort flawlessly Cat5e however is a different story. So in my home I contain a Comcast business class modem that the cat5 is straight connected to. When I plug in a computer to the cat 5 in the store I obtain a blinking red light and my LAN link in my network links window continue blinking between connected and detached. I am assuming the cable is too extended and that there is no smash in the cable. I require utilizing a nonstop solution because there is no way for me to smash the medium midway and put in an Ethernet bridge to increase the signal. Now I have investigated a few ways out but require help in determining which would be good.

    1. VDSL Ethernet extenders: Trouble is the top price I have established is around 13000 INR. Will VSDL extenders play good with Comcast?
    2. MoCA Ethernet adapter kit: Establish alternatives below 9000 INR. Will I be able to send video and facts to the store in excess of the solitary coax cable?

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    Re: Extending wired network 200 ft

    I require expanding my network to comprise a novel office I have sprint a 200ft cat5 cable to the novel office. I require connecting 4 wired PCs in the novel office. Do I require utilizing an access point or will a hub be sufficient. I as well seem for a hardware suggestion. So anyone have any more idea or suggestions for my then post it. For me all information is useful.

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    Re: Extending wired network 200 ft

    How regarding testing the line first, I bet you has a connector miswired that is divide pair or bad crimp and so on. Ethernet is nice for a bit above 300, so distance should not be the problem. There is no AC power in or close to the medium is it? If there is then the AC drone could be causing it. So I think this are the cause you are affecting. Here my suggestion is only to get searching and searching, which help you to get more and relevant solution.

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    Re: Extending wired network 200 ft

    Here I also want to add something regarding my situation and related to your thread. The normal is 300 feet so if you are containing problems, it is not because of the length. I have a sprint which is above 500 feet and forcing it to 10 mbps, it efforts perfectly. I also contain lots of long sprints over CAT3 phone lines utilizing SHSDSL, approaching between 3 mbps and 45 mbps. I utilized punch down cable terminators at every end and I have attempted both a and b configurations and I have twice checked them but will attempt check tomorrow.

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    Re: Extending wired network 200 ft

    What do you denote by "Cable terminators?" Can you give pictures exhibiting how they are ended? As others have posted UTP Ethernet is particular for 100 meters. An appropriately terminated cable must to effort. That is numerous cables, how great is the medium? How many curves does it have? What kind of medium did you utilize? Do you know how much power was exerted on the cable while you dragged it? Are you certain cable is the trouble? If you get computer in the home and connect it straight to the modem does it effort?

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