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Thread: Not able to add windows 7 in my wireless home group network

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    Not able to add windows 7 in my wireless home group network

    In my building we three friend living, all of us having our personal laptop. We create a home group network service, which can only use by us. We all configure our machine with the network. I am using a windows 7 compatible Dell inspiron laptop. They problem is I am not able to connect my machine with that home network. Though one of my friends also using the same operating system, his machine is connected easily. Then why I am not able to connect. I am not having any technical idea about this type of problem, so I am here to getting some solution for this problem. How to connect my machine with the same home group network wizard? Is there anyone have any trick or information regarding this topic?

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    Re: Not able to add windows 7 in my wireless home group network

    To connect any machine with the home network or any other network service you need a network adapter. Make sure that the connection is properly working. Adjust the adapter with the machine and the network service that you are using. Now open the network places from your desk screen, search the wireless network with which you are willing to connect your machine. Or if you know the physical address of the router then insert the IP address into the desire place of your network wizard. Before that you need top select the network which you are going to connect. After selecting the wireless connection, it will ask you to detect the network, to make the connection. go through this, it will definitely helps you to configure your machine with network router, where your other friends are configured.

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    Re: Not able to add windows 7 in my wireless home group network

    Yes you need to connect the network adapter with your machine, and then configure your machine with the main router whether other members are connected. If you are not able to make the connection from your machine. Then simply connect your machine with the network, then search your machine from the other machine those are connected with the network router. Locate your machines router physical address and configure it with the network. some of the network settings u need to inset during the configuration. Along with that I think the firewall also plays role over here. You just set the firewall in share mode, this will allow you to share the game or any other application throughout the network.

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    Re: Not able to add windows 7 in my wireless home group network

    Turn on the wireless wizard in your machine, and to connect eth machine with nay network service, enter into the "Network Sharing Center.", from there choose "Set up a connection or network." option. Now proceed or the network setup or the authentication, click on set up the network or wireless router access point. Now reboot your machine, and click on the Network icon from the desktop screen, it will appear the network icon of the other computer(s), those are also connected with the same network router. Select the desire one, which you are willing. Try with this process. I also connect my machine with my official home group network service, it working fine, and still now there is no problem found.

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    Re: Not able to add windows 7 in my wireless home group network

    If there is any connectivity problem with the machine and with the machine and the network adapter the I think the problem might be for the router driver. So for that is would like to suggest you to download and install the latest version of driver in your machine if you know the manufacturer web site. Other go to the device manager and from there open the network driver tab and locate the driver name, now right click on it, and select the update option, this will collect the update version information of the selected driver named let you information in a pop-up window. Select the update option from that small window, and this will automatically update the version of the wireless driver that you are using. After you need to configure the machine with network service again. I had the similar issue with my machine, which I was not able to connect with my home network service, after that I did this and the problem solved.

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