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Thread: Packet Loss in Network

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    Packet Loss in Network

    I have an internet server connected to 24 port catalyst 2950 switch, we have backbone from Railtel as ISP, the 24 port switch gives connection to other switches in the campus which includes 8 port gigabit switches. we connect to railtel ISP using wi-fi radio one at our end and another at isp end. recently we are facing a problem with our circuit like packet drops particularly with wi-fi radio, i don;t know exactly which switches are causing problem for this, some time we don;t see even a single packet drop. we have public ips for our 2 wireless radios, we get continuous reply from local radio, but packet drops from remote radio which is located just 6Kms from our place. what would have causing these two radios for packet drops

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    Re: Packet Loss in Network

    There cannot be a plain explanation for that. For man years wifi networks are facing packet loss due to the flaw in the standards used for the network. This was quiet common on 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g protocols, but right now developers are trying to add more effort on 802.11n protocol. The above three are the basic transmission protocol used. The packet loss are common on this protocols. It was said that 802.11 can detect the current data loss and request for retransmission, but that does not work to quiet extent. For this first thing you can check your connection stability and a continuous ping that can give you the amount loss after in the given time period.

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