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Thread: Looking for a good Windows 7 64bit firewall

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    Looking for a good Windows 7 64bit firewall

    Any suggestions for a firewall? I am having windows 7 installed on my desktop computer and I would like to know at present, what is the best firewall for windows 7 64 bit compatible as well as that do not give any trouble? What do you use ? The Outpost and comfortable with no firewall as well as I got to do to be fine by means of Windows 7 64 bit. Your suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Looking for a good Windows 7 64bit firewall

    Hello. Free and good firewalls "Simple" Windows 7 to 64 bits are: PCTools Firewall Plus, Zone Alarm Free as well as of these two, PCTools convinces me more. Best Free Windows 7 - 64 bits, even though possibly not as "Simple" configure as above:- Comodo Firewall. Are there any other free support N.A. 64-Bit I know, as the Online Armor is excellent. The term "single" I mention this because some users say that firewalls such as Comodo or Online Armor are somewhat complicated to use. The decision is yours and you can prove you want. In my opinion, if you used a firewall may never suit you start with one of the first 2.

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    Re: Looking for a good Windows 7 64bit firewall

    I have as well a new notebook also comes by means of windows 7 64 bit home premiums. From my knowledge by making use of the comodo firewall is not easy on the way to make use of at first however finally gives you less alert as he learns using the computer. So if you have any other firewall list for it please let me know.Greetings and good luck

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    Re: Looking for a good Windows 7 64bit firewall

    One that will be superior at what time finished, is Outpost specialized (not free). At present, on the other hand, it's beta support for Windows 7, as well as the current edition has troubles by means of Windows 7 x64 (I have not attempted it by means of the 32-bit edition, however it works very well by means of 32-bit windows XP). I tried it by means of Windows 7 x64, furthermore it totally blocked access to my print server, still by means of the firewall turned off, furthermore yet after uninstalling it. It's one that I have for all time considered outstanding, even though by means of a higher learning curve than some, however it's not prepared yet.

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    Re: Looking for a good Windows 7 64bit firewall

    Thanks for the replies as well as advice guys. I have heard various superior things regarding Outpost as well as yeah, I have heard of the troubles by means of the windows 64 compatibility. If things acquire ironed out I will almost certainly take a fine look at it. It is added on the way to the catalog of other non compatible however good programs to wait on.

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