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Thread: UltraSurf is a Trojan

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    UltraSurf is a Trojan

    My system has been installed with ESET NOD32 AV program and till now it didn’t do any wrong thing and show wrong information. So I trust this program much more than other. You might have heard about the Ultrasurf. I have been using this over a year but after updating the ESET program to new version I was shocked by the report. The report says that the UltraSurf 10.04.exe is a malicious program which is an alternative of Win32/Packed.Themida. The ESET called it as a potentially unwanted application. I need this software installed in my computer and I cannot get rid of ESET also. What can I do now? Is the Ultrasurf is really a variant of Virus?

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    Re: UltraSurf is a Trojan

    As I can say that it is obviously NO. It is crammed by way of Themida software. Essentially Themida is a software defense product intended to avoid software from being "cracked" and does exploits encryption, for that reason, is extremely complicated for whichever anti-virus to authenticate one manner or another if its malware or something. Regrettably, Themida is exceedingly worn by virus writers, keylogger writers, etc., to mask their malware. That is why Anti-Virus programs identify Themida crammed appliance as PUA. You need to be certain about whether the ultrasurf is a legit application or actually a malware. If you are completely confident that it is legit then leave for it otherwise you need to care about that.

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    Re: UltraSurf is a Trojan

    I think the installed Ultrasurf file might get infected by a virus. That means the Exe file or the installer file itself packed with some kind of virus. How did you get the Ultrasurf installer file? If you have downloaded it from unknown website and got it as a Zip or any type of compressed file then we can say that it probably included even a single virus. Before installing or unzipping its downloaded file scan once with AV and see how you will get the result.

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    Re: UltraSurf is a Trojan

    I heard from lot of Ultrasurf users that its files have been keep on infected by every new kind of virus. Due to this reason entire application seems to be like a virus in any AV program. It is not about the ESET issue. For this completely uninstall the application along with all saved files, cache, other temporary files along with its folders and restart the system. Re-install it and see what you will get. You will now know what is causing this, whether it is the virus infected on or the antivirus itself.

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    ohmy Re: UltraSurf is a Trojan

    will up date and support here

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