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Thread: Unable to identify internet connection by Netgear WNR2000

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    Unable to identify internet connection by Netgear WNR2000

    I having the problem with WNR 2000 it’s unable to detect my cable internet. I have tried it with different computer but still it’s not working. I have checked my internet connection directly to the other computer it detects but not using with WNR 2000. I think the problem is in setup of WNR connection, so I want your help to setting up the proper connection of cable internet with WNR 2000. Any extra hardware device requires for this connection, please suggest me.

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    Re: Unable to identify internet connection by Netgear WNR2000

    There can be different reasons for this problem so I can give you basic trouble shoot tips that are. Make sure that all wires are connected safely. Verify that the Internet standing light is on that means your modem is properly connected to the WNR 2000. Now make sure that every light is on so your computer is ready for internet connection. Now confirm all your internet settings on computer as well as on the router confirm that they are must be compatible for each other. Verify your security key settings and network name on the router is same on the computer. Be sure that the modem is correctly connected to the router. Make sure that a light is on for each port that has a computer connected to it using an Ethernet cable. Enter computer Mac address exactly to in the router. Then click on Ok buttons and check your connection.

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    Re: Unable to identify internet connection by Netgear WNR2000

    Use these steps for getting proper connection. First restart you r computer and remove your modem from the computer and also off the router .now on the router and modem one by one and wait for minute for loading them completely .now start your computer and connect all wires properly. Now return to the WNR 2000 firmware. Make sure computer and router is properly connected and in ready condition. Put the CD which you got with WNR 2000. You will get homepage of that CD and then select Supporting Software in hen you will get Netgear Firmware Recovery Utility them in that you will get auto run screen, now go with the instruction to install firmware of the router. After installing that computer firmware and then restart your computer only and check the connection.

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    Re: Unable to identify internet connection by Netgear WNR2000

    There can be hardware problem in your computer or in the router. First you follow basic steps for the installing router with your computer. Restoring the factory settings on your WNR 2000 as final setup will delete all your internet configuration settings from WNR 2000. If you are not technically sound person then don’t do it by yourself, take help of expert or contact to the customer service provider for the support.

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