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Thread: Not able to connect Motorola SB 5101 cable modem using USB in windows 7

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    Not able to connect Motorola SB 5101 cable modem using USB in windows 7

    I am trying to connect Motorola SB 5101 cable modem using USB on my computer system; unfortunately I am not able to connect. Operating system that I am having is windows 7. I have searched for information related to this but the only thing that I was able to find is driver windows vista and the drivers are only meant for 32 bit version. Now I want to, is this problem is related to 64 bit of windows 7 or something else. Whatever may be the problem I need solution for this problems. I mean to say that I want to connect Motorola SB 5101 cable modem using USB on my windows 7 operating system.

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    Re: Not able to connect Motorola SB 5101 cable modem using USB in windows 7

    Windows 7 drivers for this modem are not present hence forget about the USB. You should check for the Ethernet port and it must be live on the modem and on the other computer systems. One more thing you can also check for the NIC on device manager. I am sure that you will get the windows 7 drivers for NIC on manufactures website. This will definitely solve the problem you are having. If there is any other issue let me know about the same.

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    Re: Not able to connect Motorola SB 5101 cable modem using USB in windows 7

    Service for an external modem to your computer system, will provide you two options to connect to the machine, one is for the RJ-45 (NIC) or USB (At least the Moto SB5101 has the option). If you connect directly with the cable network gives us enough to create the appropriate network connection to enjoy the internet, but if you choose to use USB a little bit more complicated. You should connect USB modem by taking into account that is a bit slower than Ethernet. The main idea is to release the connector on the network. For example to connect another computer system you should have Internet. As computer system traditionally comes with only one slot, you must choose if the modem or other computer system. And all without relying on a hub because they are only two network. Some specialist suggested that I buy another network card or sticks and internet all I found was rather vague and confusing, because everyone says "try this" and when you solve the problem do you remember all what touched another big problem creating configuration. We went down the driver of the modem to take advantage and do it now they can. Disconnect the network cable from the modem and connect via USB to the PC, you will get a balloon and that temporarily left us without internet. After that it will ask to install the new hardware found, and then follow the onscreen instructions. Set if not yet recognized as a modem MOTOROLA SB5101 SURFBOARD CABLE MODEM USB Finish. Back up to the first of two screens that are up have to choose the second option (Advanced) then can choose the path where the drivers who fell in the first step and now if everything was installed OK. If it asks for reboot then reboot it. Now create a new internet connection does not work because the previous. Go to Start-Control Panel - Network Connections Options on the left window. Pressed on Create New Connection. Next chose the Motorola modem. Then put the name of your team to the local network and description. Then put the name to the group containing all machines on the network. Now the modem will have activity, the connection is made but also will not work in the state of the connection appears to be "no or limited" and send but not receive any packages which will not have internet. But the solution is more than simple; you should turn off the modem (only current) wait a few seconds, with reaching and re-connect to the modem. Double click the connection icon no or limited or START-> Control Panel-> Network Connections-> Right click the USB connection (not the other connection (Ethernet)) -> Repair. Now if you enjoy the internet and connect the machine on the network and loosening the Counter! Through this simple tutorial you can solve the problem.

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    Re: Not able to connect Motorola SB 5101 cable modem using USB in windows 7

    Connecting to the network card you take it without problems. If so connect other network device to the network as you wanted, you spend a handle more but will be dealt to the touch. But call your internet provider and ask if the drivers do not have them, last losing nothing. You should also try to connect to other system, if you have another operating system other than the view, also the easiest set layers. I hope that this will solve the problem that you are facing.

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    Re: Not able to connect Motorola SB 5101 cable modem using USB in windows 7

    Do one thing connect the modem to the internet in another computer system and got the view that nothing more you send the wire from the other pc and you will not get the perfect solution if do not have both the computer system in sight. If you have understood then it is ok, but if not then let me know and I will try to explain this thing in more detail. So instead of connecting the modem and connect it now, you plug in another computer system through USB and can configure the system according to your requirement.

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