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Thread: Server installation disk for Dell PowerEdge 1950

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    Server installation disk for Dell PowerEdge 1950

    Currently we are having 1950 server with the 2 SAS drives and these are purchase after a long time. Previously I was only having the documentation CD. Now the thing I need is the installation CD or DVD for the purpose of installing operating system of server. There would not be a problem if anyone can provide me a link for that purpose. One more thing I have also downloaded all the DVD from the official site of Dell but the problem is that they are not recognized by the server. I have got the idea that these are not the DVD that I can use for installing the server operating system, because if I am inserting that then a message appears that say that “It requires one more Dell disk for installing the operating system.” Any related help will be appreciated for this problem.

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    Re: Server installation disk for Dell PowerEdge 1950

    Well the thing is that you cannot download these things. I mean to say that these things are not allowed for downloading. But there one good news for you: If the license sticker is present on the server that is indicating that the operating system was installed at the time of purchase then you can request Dell to send another copy of operating system. But the problem is that most of the companies do not buy Dell server with operating system because they plan to run the sever on an open source operating systems like Linux or Ubuntu. If that is the case with you then only one solution is left with you. The solution is that you have to approach Microsoft and buy a genuine copy of windows server. I hope that reply is helpful.

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    Re: Server installation disk for Dell PowerEdge 1950

    I have a Dell PowerEdge 2400 server. When I run the installation program for Windows 2003 server, the server does not detect the hard disk; I loaded the drivers that are available on the Dell site but the installer always wonder drivers, (I press F6 to install the SCSI adapter during launch Setup), but it is not working. Currently I am not having any idea related to the problem I am facing but need a solution for this. If you can provide any solution for this problem then it will be really appreciate. Thank advance for any related reply. I will be waiting for the solution.

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    Re: Server installation disk for Dell PowerEdge 1950

    I think that I am also facing similar problem but the problem is related to windows small business server. Actually I want to install Windows Small Business Server 2003 and during this installation it hangs because there is no detection of hard disk drive. I tried downloading the drivers from the scsi dell site but it is not working. I have tried everything that I know but not getting the solution for the problem. I am also in the queue of getting solution.

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    Re: Server installation disk for Dell PowerEdge 1950

    Solution for the problem that you are facing is really simple. The simple solution is that you just need to launch the CD of management system tools. I am sure that you will find the CD with the server. If you do not have this CD then you can request Dell for the new one. I sure that Dell will provide the CD, that will help to solve the problem. If you have any other issue then let me know I will try to resolve that issue as soon as possible.

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    Re: Server installation disk for Dell PowerEdge 1950

    I have 2 Dell Poweredge 1950 servers running. I have been having intermittent performance issues with the NIC cards on one of them. The two servers are identical and are running the same operating system. The server that has the issue is on the DMZ on a static IP and is hosting a website. The issue is that any network related activity becomes very slow at times. When I connect to the server, the ssh tunnel taken time to establish, if I do pings it takes time to bring up the response. However, once I am on the box, things fly! At the same time if I do the same pings and run the same networking commands on the other servers in the DMZ, they are responsive - the pings themselves don't take time... but there is a long lag between the time I execute the command and the time the response displays. Please advice.OS: CentOS release 4.5 (Final). Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5708 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 11). Linux version 2.6.9-55.ELsmp.

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