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Thread: How to install streaming server for DVD receiver

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    How to install streaming server for DVD receiver

    I recently upgrade my Dell laptop in Ubuntu and along with that create a ubuntu streaming server for the DVD receiver(dreambox) that I have. The created dedicated server is base on 32-bit system architecture. I installed the VLC player, and now willing to run or stream the audio file in the VLC player, but does not any idea o run this. Is there anyone having any information regarding this? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to install streaming server for DVD receiver

    For direct streaming the audio or the video there is streamer which is named as GNU MP3 or media streamer. This is for stream the file with the help of Ubuntu stream server. I used this, and this works fine in Ubutu. As per my opinion this is the simple application which is used for navigation the audio or video collection from the server or from the browser. It can easily stream the playlist over the network. This is works for mp3, movies, OGG vorbis files and the other media files. If you are using to stream the file from the browser than this will allow you to searching or browsing or streaming the file(S) via internet service. It support almost all the file extensions like .mp3, .wma, .ogg and many other audio and video formats. if you are trying to stream a big size of file either the music or the video over the LN or the internet, then this application is the good one to do this.
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    Re: How to install streaming server for DVD receiver

    I am having a Dell machine with the dual boot, the two operating systems are windows vista and the ubutu. And I installed the VLC media player, and using this for streaming the audio and the video file directly in the player by the Ubuntu streaming server. I am just mention the process that I made for the streaming and suggest you to follow this one. It might be help you to configure the player for streaming purpose. I open the player graphical interface in the windows version and then go to Open File option under the file menu option, click on browse it will appear the standard windows file selection box. Select multiple numbers of files from the browse option and go to the Stream Output option and add the selected files in the playlist. Select the stream option from Settings window. You can also do the same thing instead of select the file from the local server or PC. Just make sure that the stream option is enable in your player setting window. Open the Linux window and connect the machine with the server. Select the file that you wish to stream, you can select the more than one file for streaming and click on stream.

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    Re: How to install streaming server for DVD receiver

    Open the player interface window and select the Open Network Stream from file menu bar option, make sure that the UDP option is checked and chick on OK. Select the file those are trying to stream and click on stream button, it will stream easily. This is the simple way to stream any file directly from the server, or if you are willing to play file from the local server then first you have to select those files from the local server and then select the stream option from the settings tab of the player. But remember that the file you are streaming from server is having the right file size which is compatible with VLC media player.

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