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Thread: MTU settings not working for TCP Optimizer

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    MTU settings not working for TCP Optimizer

    I have not at all place foot into change like this earlier than, so I am more than likely doing incredible incorrect. I have left into TCP Optimizer and put the MTU to 1500 a hardly any times currently, as well checked on my router that it is set to 1500 MTU and still I get this from the TCP/IP analyzer. What is the most excellent way to go about finding where the MTU is being incomplete? I am just on a 256 connection, so I want to make certain I am beating it for each and every one its value. Any additional superior tweaks are welcome also.

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    Re: MTU settings not working for TCP Optimizer

    I also have the similar issue. The modem is division of the router, and while I go into those settings, the MTU is put to 1500 there. I as well upgraded to firmware to the newest version previous week. It is probable I am not doing something right in TCP optimizer, some ideas there at all? Any solution or any opinion for this issue then must reply…..
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    Re: MTU settings not working for TCP Optimizer

    This is just to observe if your MTU can be increased. Try the below with TCP Optimizer:
    • General Settings tab:

    1. Custom settings: check
    2. Modify All Network Adapters: check
    3. Network adapter selection: NIC
    4. TCP Receive Window:
    5. MTU Discovery - Yes
    6. Black Hole Detect - No
    7. TCP 1323 Options:
    8. Windows Scaling - uncheck
    9. Timestamps - uncheck

    • Advanced Settings tab:

    1. Max Connections per Server: 10
    2. Max Connections per 1.0 Server: 20
    3. Host Priority: 1
    4. NetbtPriority: 1
    5. QoS: NonBestEffortLimit: 0
    6. ToS: DefaultTOSValue: 80
    7. NetFailureCacheTime: 0
    8. LAN Request Buffer Size: 32768

    And then at the end choose Apply Changes and reboot to obtain effect.

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    Re: MTU settings not working for TCP Optimizer

    I just go through all comments and help full information. I was kind of hopeful to actually get correct on the 256 as I am about 200m from the swap, but nothings just right. And I am guessing I should not be worried about the MTU settings after that? They are still not altering at all, and all I can think is that it would be incomplete by the ISP. Fine gratitude for all your help, seems like you do some incredible work here triggers. Expectantly one day I will have a connection that worth tweaking.

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