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Thread: Security Shield disables Microsoft Security Essentials

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    Security Shield disables Microsoft Security Essentials

    Hi friends, I am the user of Microsoft windows XP, It is being updated regularly by me. Right now I am getting the warning that my computer is being affected by the virus. When I click it, the warning directly directs me to a product called My Security Shield. After this I try to run Microsoft Security Essentials that is MSE it does not respond further. I think that the My Security Shield may have disabled Microsoft Security Essentials. I then reinstalled Microsoft Security Shield but now it is being not responding. So How do I get rid of the software called My Security Shield and also how could I start Microsoft Security essential again.

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    Re: Security Shield disables Microsoft Security Essentials

    Mostly the My Security Shield disables other kind of Anti Virus and the other type of anti Spyware programs. It does not allow to work all the antivirus. Actually it blocks all the programs that are working on the windows. It may also block notepad, Task Manager as well. It allows working on the browser such as Internet Explorer. It may be possible by downloading the Malware Bytes or the anti spy ware or any other kind of malware removal tool but be sure before saving the any selected program or application on the computer, rename the installer to .exe extension such as iexplore.exe or winlogon.exe. Hope this will somewhat help you to work with your problem.

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    Re: Security Shield disables Microsoft Security Essentials

    I think your personal computer is infected with the Malware or any other danger virus. My security Shield is a rogue anti-spyware program. This infection is mostly promoted through web sites that show the advertisement that pretends like as if they are online anti malware scanners. And after this, scanners will pretend your computer to scan and when after it finished scanning it will show that your computer is infected with the virus. It will tell you download and then install the security Shield Essentials to protect your computer from the virus. The fact is that the online scanners are fake and are showed to make use of the advertisement. The Security shield is installed on your computer it will then restart the computer automatically. It will then disable all the antivirus such as you have Microsoft Security Essentials.

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    Re: Security Shield disables Microsoft Security Essentials

    The program which is being loaded on your machine is normal but it will then take over the system function which makes the machine much harder to use even you pay to or not. Although these are more certainly a malware they are not a virus. Your machine not being infected with the virus more often like a Trojan. My security shield is the rogue kind of antivirus, which scams you to force to pay for it while they won’t have any kind of profit. If you want to uninstall the My security shield there are more website you may found for it. Such as bleeping computer. It will work for you to uninstall that application.

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