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Thread: Cannot Delete xxx xxx: The Directory Is Not Empty Windows XP

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    Cannot Delete xxx xxx: The Directory Is Not Empty Windows XP

    Having a computer with the windows XP service pack 3 operating system environment. The directory of the machine is not empty. While I used to check the disk by the check disk function, it will occur a error message flashes as the XXX in the window screen(sometimes the error message will appear in the number). I also get the same message while I did the same operation from the properties option of the hard disk drive o the machine. In my computer the C: is the main drive and the rest other are the secondary storage memory. I have another eternal drive G:. I searched everywhere for the solution to fix the issue, but got nothing. i did the command line argument solution in the MS DOS environment but during the execution fro the command line it also gives me the same error message. is there any problem in the registry? Is there anyone who will give me any tips about the problem?
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    Re: Cannot Delete xxx xxx: The Directory Is Not Empty Windows XP

    I suggest you to open the registry by the command prompt from the start>program>Accessories>command prompt, and type the name of the error of the file which is not terminating and remove the file from the registry. If it works then you can able to delete the file or the folder from the registry from your machine. Otherwise if you are not able to terminate the program, then is suggest you to format the drive that giving you the error message and then reinstall the drive and after that you will go no problem in the indexing of the hard disk drive. For executing the command prompt you should have the knowledge about the MS DOS environment. Because without the command prompt you can’t access the registry to remove or to delete something. yes there might be some problem in the registry but the user is not able to detect the problem, the proper scanning is also not give any error information.
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    Re: Cannot Delete xxx xxx: The Directory Is Not Empty Windows XP

    Open the start menu and then open the Run option and type ”cmd” in the run option. Press the Ctrl-Alt-Delete from the keyboard, this will proceed you to the task manager. Open the process tab and look for the explorer.exe in the list under the task manager. Select the option by once click on it and then click on the stop/End process. After that navigate the directory that contains the corrupt file, put the question mark if you found any error regarding the directory. And enter the DEL command to delete the file or the process that occurs the problem on the directory.

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    Re: Cannot Delete xxx xxx: The Directory Is Not Empty Windows XP

    While you attempting to delete some file or folder from the windows or the directory, the program will start a process under the queue. Some times you will find after deleting some application from the directory, it again run into the task manager process tab. The operating system will allow the user to delete the file or the folder but the directory will not delete all the information regarding the file. For that you have to delete those information from the directory by using some of the command prompt, and it will work if you will reboot the system in the safe mode. By this you also able to delete the hidden file of the computer, you can delete any file of the system directory with the command prompt. There are some malicious infections which are effected in the running file or the folder which are placed in the temp file of the windows, these also should be delete . the cause of the problem that you mentioned in your post is may occur for the malicious infections, so always scan you your hard disk to prevent the infections.
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