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    IP address tracker

    I have a computer which is runs in the windows 7 operating system, I used the computer with the internet service from my home network. The computer is used by my eldest brother and my sister. I frequently used the service for the checking the mail and other official web-sites to visit. Some of the IP addresses are creating problem while I am using the official web-sites, I have no tracker software for the IP address, also by the problem I found sometimes the computer is hanged also redirect to another site. Is there any good IP address tracker software which will help me to track the address, and prevent them before creating any problem? Any other suggestion will be greatly appreciated….

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    Re: IP address tracker

    There are so many IP locater web-sites which can help you to locate the address live. While you having problem regarding any IP address you just track the IP and insert it into the web-site, it will locate you the IP address worldwide, and give you the location of that IP address. By the online solution you can able to track the address also the host ID of the IP address, also you will get the information of the ISP and the speed of the internet, the web-sites are might be helpful for you which will help you to track the IP address live.

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    Re: IP address tracker

    The software that are using for the IP finder and IP Address Tracker, it will track the real IP address that you used in the current working schedule time. The address contains the corresponding format of the IP along with the logical name / address of the machine , which is known as the MAC address of the system. It will contribute the domain name of the machine, with the user ID, there are many IP address locater software are present in the internet, you just make the trust and willing to use them, nothing else. IP addresses are the unique number of any server or the machine. it is a secure code of the internet service that you are using, it will only seen by you and in the opposite side who is receiving the information/data from your IP address that By inserting the unique number you can easily found the location of the address from where it terminating.
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    Re: IP address tracker

    As per my knowledge, the extended versions of the software’s that are used to track the IP address, are flashes the name of the IP server and the location of the terminating. These versions are providing the advanced information about the IP address, of the computer which is connected with the network. It will also provide the geographical image of the location of the IP address includes the information of the latitudinal and longitudinal, of the location where the machine is located. There are so many malpractices will occur during the tracking the IP address. Several internet web-sites are having some illegal activities, that are using to hide and to mask the IP address, in that case the proxy will give you the prevention about these activities. so before using any web-site for the tracking of the IP address make sure that it giving you the freal information about the IP address that you are looking.
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