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Thread: Is this bug with web, wireless keyboard/mouse or network problem

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    Is this bug with web, wireless keyboard/mouse or network problem

    I have a wireless keyboard and mouse (Microsoft 7000 set) and it works absolutely fine in file management, office, OpenOffice and all possible applications. But when I go online and try to write something like this forum, the keypad is slow, some times even hangs and I often have to wait a few seconds that I write to appear or part of what I write skipped.

    It almost seems as if there is a conflict between the browser and keyboard. I also feel that some sites, like Facebook seems to get the router to its extremes. It lasts until I close the net. Pulling out the power to the router, and plugs and then everything works again. Since the router is 100% stable and has zero problems except for some pages so I wondered if there are any special standards that do this, bugs, load on the Website or otherwise.

    Since the router works flawlessly for everything else so I doubt that there is a router problem.

    OS: Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
    Browser: Firefox (version 6.3.1910, but the problem did not come with this version)
    New and stable system with more than enough power.
    Good coverage on the net, and very stable line.

    Wondered a bit about certain sites that send out cookies that firewall or router block which in turn creates tamper with the site?

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    Re: Is this bug with web, wireless keyboard/mouse or network problem

    Hmm... since you mention both problems with a wireless keyboard and internet so I wonder if you might be using the wireless network?

    RF-based mouse/keyboard uses the same 2.4 GHz range as the wireless network user, and although they normally should not create conflict, it is not impossible that they can collide in any way. If so then the solution would probably be to switch the channel on your router.

    Maybe you can test whether the same problem is if you use the wired mouse/keyboard, or alternatively use a wireless mouse/keyboard, but server wired for a while to test ...

    This is true as I said only if you use wireless network, then speak out about this case.

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    Re: Is this bug with web, wireless keyboard/mouse or network problem

    Using wireless networks, yes. I have got some feedback and checked a little what might happen. Some believe that the script of some site can become overloaded, others have pointed out that the routers have X amount of ram and if some sites generate much data then it can be reason for router related problem. Potential conflicts between keyboard and network.

    I have changed the channel several times today but it didn't worked. It's so weird, because I can google, visit the websites of manufacturer and entering the model number to search for updates, manuals, etc., and everything is going great, but then as I visit this forum and must comply with every other word because it is tamper.

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    Re: Is this bug with web, wireless keyboard/mouse or network problem

    Well, you can check that if the problem disappears when using wired keyboard / mouse temporarily. Then you can at least rule out single disturbance if it still continues.

    Otherwise, in relation to the other two suggestions you have received:
    - The router runs out of RAM seems to me unlikely. Sure, it has limited quantities, but the size / complexity of a website has very little with the amount of RAM that goes with the router as it only looks at the links that connect up. A Web user is normally only one, or maybe a couple. Although weak routers can handle many thousands without any problems, and although this possibly was the problem then it would certainly not lead to enter on the keyboard as this does not really have anything to do with the internet at all. Nothing is sent after all, before you press the record button, and the internet browser will not wait for the compounds to accept keystrokes - so I think you can totally ignore this. I have worked as a technician at an ISP for many years, so I have little bearing on what I said about me although I do not claim my expertise in ALL fields

    - That a web page script can go in the deadlock which is another possibility. It could get the browser to use an excessive amount of CPU and therefore respond slowly. This could probably lead to the entry on the keyboard went choppy/slow. You can check the windows task manager to see if your browser uses a lot of CPU as it may indicate that a script or addon in the browser may have been in perpetual loop and storage problems.

    To exclude the above problem, I suggest you install a browser that you are not already on your computer before (Opera Or perhaps Chrome) So you get a 100% clean install of a new web browser, and then see if the same problem occurs in this browser so I think you can safely throw away this hypothesis. However, if it removes the issue as it indicates probably most likely at a wrong in an addon or the like in the browser and if so it's probably wise to take a full reinstall of the latest browser version and have some control over what addons you install.

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    Re: Is this bug with web, wireless keyboard/mouse or network problem

    If there is conflict, then I would check the wireless standard and the bandwidth used. 11n with 40MHz bandwidth will mask a bluetooth signal quite effectively. The best would probably be to try to set the channel 13 and use the 11g default router. Bluetooth uses frequency hopping from channel 1 to 11 as far as I remember. Also check the battery capacity of the keyboard.

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