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Thread: Adding multiple email addresses from emails

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    Adding multiple email addresses from emails

    Hi, I got an email with numbers of email addresses, Carbon Copy, for school. I want to attach these all addresses into my address books, either on newly formed or the existing ones. I only know the way of is to right tick on every email, then use "add/join to address book” individually. Does anyone have any other way to select all of them at the same time? I also want the unrelated one, is there any benefit to upgrading from 1.1.18 to 1.1.19. If yes, do I install the version 1.1.19 "over" 1.1.18? I had tried it by upgrading from the v2 but it start the browser and email client functions were break up, similar to Firefox as well as, and I like to have a preference in both in one programs. Any help regarding this problem may be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Adding multiple email addresses from emails

    It is not really surprising me if there's an expansion to do this process which you want. I have done this in another way, but I'm accessing SM 2.1a1pre, so I am sure that this will work or not in version 1.1. The first thing you have to go for viewing the resource of the emails that you need to get the addresses from, press the Ctrl-U look for them to or Carbon Copy (C.C) the line as well as the copy all the email addresses from the selected list. Now open the address list where you want to add the addresses from the list. Open or generate a record within the address book. Insert the address which is selected in the list. They'll possibly join all in one line, but that's fine, you want to just press the OK button. All the addresses in the list will appear in the address book. If you want to delete the selected one then it easy to remove. For more help you can go through the official site of the Mozilla. For using this you have to prefer more security.

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    Re: Adding multiple email addresses from emails

    Hi, I have also gone through this problem, on that day I want to send mails to my family and friend I can’t able to connect it quickly. I have solved this problem by using the outlook from my computer system. So I get the easy way to send the multiple emails to my family and friends. I hope this will help you out to send the email quickly.

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    Re: Adding multiple email addresses from emails

    Hi, I was using the Internet Explorer for my own use but the same problem I had faced when I have to transfer my greeting to my all relatives. Then I have installed the Firefox on my computer system. I want to just suggest you that I have removed my problem and they have provided the features of which you are searching for.

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    Re: Adding multiple email addresses from emails

    You can remove this problem from your computer system by just using the Mozilla Thunderbird, by the help of the Mozilla Thunderbird you can easily go for your problem what you are facing. As I have used the Mozilla Thunderbird it help me out from the this problem and it has the features of providing the category of the friend and family. I hope this is will solve the problem.

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