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Thread: Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox

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    Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox

    Primary what is Norton IPS 1.0?I am with Firefox 3.1 and when I tick on Tools after that Add-ons & tick on addition, It stay saying Norton IPS 1.0, This add-on will be rationalized when Firefox is started again, Will I started again similar to 10 times and at rest say the similar message. Has Windows Vista by means of NIS2009. So what is this and be supposed to I now click cancel?

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    Re: Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox

    Same thing has happened to me also. Actually temporarily not enable NIS and you try it. Actually it has worked fine in my case. Because like you I was also very upset regarding this issue then I have searched a lot regarding this issue the finally from one of the forum site I was able to get this solution then I have tried this in my case and finally it is working fine.

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    Re: Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox

    Actually I just want to inform you here is that IPS 1.0 is used for the Symantec Intrusion Prevention. Have you ever try to disable it an add-on. After doing all these you just start again your Firefox. After doing this try to enable this. After all doing this you just informs us. So we come to know whether it is working in your case or not.

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    Re: Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox

    Ok I could put out of action the Add-on then said to start again Firefox which I did and release Firefox back unlock and on one occasion once more obtain the similar memo maxim this add-on will be updated when Firefox is started again. Don't desire to have to take away NIS2009 and reinstall it. So just try this it will surely fix your issue.

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    Re: Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox

    You are asking the same question like me. Because when I was facing this problem then I was also asking like this type of question to other users. Now focus on your question of course there is a choice to momentarily disable it. It says "disable anti virus auto defend". Also by the Norton elimination tool it will take around one or two minutes to uninstall and reinstall. So go for this quickly.

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    Re: Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox

    Hello, I an employee in the Symantec IPS QA group and I am trying to obtain toward the underside of this subject. The plug-in in query is the Firefox "unlawful Download Protection" constituent. System extensive IPS is not exaggerated if this plug-in is not loaded. A few questions for you:
    1. What version of the NIS beta are you with?
    2. Was Firefox 3.0.1 installed previous to or later than NIS 2009?
    3. Do you contain multiple versions of Firefox on the system?
    4. In Vista, do you have "UAC" facilitate (User Access Control)?

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    Re: Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox

    Topic: Norton IPS 1.0 Addon for FireFox
    Here the answers of your questions:
    1. I am using the finishing version of NIS 2009

    2. I had Firefox 3.01 installed previous to I installed NIS 2009.

    3. Only contain 1 version of Firefox installed on my computer.

    4. I do have UAC allowed.

    And I presently took in I considered it was predetermined by disabling NIS2009 then re-enabling it and now hit it off on tools then Add-on on Firefox and obtain the similar message* Norton’s IPS 1.0 , This add-on will be updated when Firefox is resume, Thanks for the respond,* hope you can get this solved.

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