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Thread: Not able to update Avast Virus Definitions

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    Not able to update Avast Virus Definitions

    I am using Windows XP on my computer and i have installed Avast on this system. Now when i am trying to update its virus definitions then it is not able to do that. I am getting an error that "Your Virus Definitions are out of date! Latest virus definitions: 100706-1". How do i update my avast virus definitions now?

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    Re: Not able to update Avast Virus Definitions

    It seems like that your avast have gone expired which you need to update as soon as possible. Due to some missing file, Avast update would be giving you such errors and hence you are not able to update your avast. I suggest you to reinstall the same version of the software and then try to update. It might happen that this time it works.

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    Re: Not able to update Avast Virus Definitions

    I have seen this error many times. You just need to keep on updating your avast by ignoring such errors. Actually i have noticed this bug with an avast then even after updating the virus definitions also, It does not removes such errors. But there is a solution to clear this error and it is to reboot your system. Once you restart your system then there wont be any such errors.

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    Re: Not able to update Avast Virus Definitions

    You may try to update your avast manually which confirms that you have updated your avast virus definitions. And once you have updated it then please do not give your attention on error saying that your virus definitions are out of date as this error gets waved off when you restart your machine. If still it does not gets away then do not work much for it as it will go away automatically. This is very much known bug in avast.

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    Re: Not able to update Avast Virus Definitions

    This problem have gone common as an avast seems to be not updating its status even after updating the software. This means that your avast virus definitions have got updated but it is just that your anti virus software is not notifying you about the same and as a result you keep on updating the updated software and avast shows the same error all the time.

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