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Thread: Wired linksys router seems wireless

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    unsure Wired linksys router seems wireless

    My linksys router seems jacked would like to perform diagnostics on it.Event veiwr reports dual DHCP odd problem.

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    Re: Wired linksys router seems wireless

    You can try out some tips to checkout weather your router is working or not. First you can view the lights on the router which will show you the connection status. The ADSL light shows that the connection from the other side is active. Second thing you can open cmd and ping the site or router. The command for the same is ping nameofsite -t and hit enter. Ping your router also to check the connection status.

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    Re: Wired linksys router seems wireless

    Yes I can ping the router no problem 150 milleseconds.The real question is why according to my event logs is the multiple DHCP ranges; wich I didn't program into it;also the next mac address after that isn't my cable modems and yes i can also ping the modem.Just weird I guess?
    Thank you for your reply

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    Re: Wired linksys router seems wireless

    It might be a issue with some virus infection, and due to which windows ip address might be messed up. The first thing to check is NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

    Open up network connections (In Control Panel)
    Right click on your network (Your wireless connection)
    Click Properties
    In the General tab click Internet protocol (TCP/IP)
    Click Properies
    Click Advanced
    Click the WINS
    Click the Enable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP button (This is NOT the default option)

    The next item to check is the DHCP service itself:
    click on start, run, enter 'services.msc'

    look for DHCP client
    if it says acquiring network address that means that the dhcp client is DISABLED OR STOPTED highlight the DHCP client and on the left side you will see START the service, click on it and then it will say STOP, RESTART then double click on the service and on the startup type select automatic, apply

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