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Thread: Connect iPad to Adhoc Network/Shared Internet Connection

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    Connect iPad to Adhoc Network/Shared Internet Connection

    Hello there, I have recently bought an iPad wifi version which is working fine when I connect it to some wireless router but now I want to Connect iPad to Adhoc Network to Share Internet Connection. I want to share the Internet connection on my computer with the iPad. Is there any way in which I can achieve this? Also I have an iPhone 3G and was thinking of using the 3G internet on my iPad and hence need your help in configuring the setup. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Connect iPad to Adhoc Network/Shared Internet Connection

    If you are using a Mac operating system on the computer then it is very easy to share the same connection from the computer with the iPad. To share the connection from the computer, you will just have to enable the option which
    helps in sharing the internet connection with different devices.

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    Re: Connect iPad to Adhoc Network/Shared Internet Connection

    It is possible to share the 3G connection from the iPhone with the iPad but in order to do that you will have to jailbreak the iPhone which will void the warranty of the device. The default firmware which is installed on the iPhone will not support the sharing of same 3G internet on iPad and hence you will have to override the firmware by Jailbreaking the iphone. Hence get the iPhone jailbreaked if you want to share the same 3G connection on the iPad and iPhonel.

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    Satyrs Guest

    Re: Connect iPad to Adhoc Network/Shared Internet Connection

    Thanks for replying to the post really fast. I am trying to share the connection of my Windows computer with iPad and I think there will some way in which this can be achieved as sharing is allowed in the Mac operating system. Also what are the steps to be followed to jailbreak the iPhone? Please provide steps which are to be followed for jailbreaking the iPhone.

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