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Thread: Tool request: NSAT (network security analysis tool)

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    Tool request: NSAT (network security analysis tool)

    Hi everybody,

    Network protocol analysis tool to detect network problems on our main channel that IT168 Network Division, I want to know that which network protocol analysis tool to detect network problems. I am using MSN chat and other useful messenger. Please suggest.

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    Re: Tool request: NSAT (network security analysis tool)

    I am using WildPackets AiroPeek NX version that function can be summed up wireless LAN management requirements, including testing, security analysis, wireless LAN monitoring, remote wireless local area Net Statute of analysis and application layer analysis. You ca also find out this tool from internet website.

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    Tool request: NSAT (network security analysis tool)

    Precise scope of client and network troubleshooting, addition effectively reduce the time to find and solve the problem. Compared with other fault management products, branches to network analysis system multiplied not only statistics available, and through expert analysis of the library, automatically diagnose network problems, a detailed explanation of the problem and provide possible causes of the problem to managers to provide appropriate solutions. This will greatly enhance the network fault management capabilities are summarized, which greatly reduces maintenance costs of network management.

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    Tool request: NSAT (network security analysis tool)

    Families to network analysis system fault diagnosis, and response time, to return data values, verification and error, connection attempts, port unreachable, IP address conflicts, the request storm, port scanning, network throughput of more than 48 network problems provide in-depth expert analysis. Many of detection can allow user-defined threshold, this expert system can be set (Expert Diagnosis) fine-tuning to fit different network environment.

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    Tool request: NSAT (network security analysis tool)

    You can also use Nessus that is a run on Linux, BSD, Solaris and other systems on the remote security scanning software. It is multithreaded, plugin-based software, have a good GTK interface to complete over 1200 remote security checks, the report has a strong output capability, you can generate HTML, XML, LaTeX, and ASCII text formats such as safety report and for each identified safety problems solutions.

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    Tool request: NSAT (network security analysis tool)

    You can also use microsoft Network Security that features are:
    • Basic set security detection system
    • Real-time process management system
    • Startup Manager
    • Software Management
    • Useful security tool
    • U disk repair virus infected files
    • The computer's parental controls (to prevent unhealthy children visit website)
    • Browser plug-in safety testing (BHO plug-in)
    • Trojan detection and killing web script
    • web vulnerability scanning

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