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Thread: How to protect Wordpress sites

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    How to protect Wordpress sites

    Hi all,

    I have a blog sites on Wordpress, i install that site through XAMP server. This is run at locally. I want to know that how to protect Wordpress sites. Please suggest. Thank in advance.

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    How to protect Wordpress sites

    You need to put Log encryption. The main purpose is to send to the server when you log in data encryption, using Packet Sniffer interested parties to prevent such things to steal your account information. It provides a simple way to use the existing WordPress plugins to achieve this purpose. The name of this plug-in called Chap Secure Login. All the best.

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    Re: How to protect Wordpress sites

    you can also put Forestall violence Login. The main purpose is to prevent intruders use of the means constantly trying to get WordPress password. Here are using Login LockDown plugin for WordPress can limit any attempt to log the number of IP sources. All the best.

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    How to protect Wordpress sites

    The protection of wp-admin directory is provided here Ask Apache Password Protect. This plug-in lets people easily set wp-admin security. But I think more than a wp-admin, wp-content with the fact wp-includes a lot of security discussions in the article is also constantly repeated to increase their security, and good looks have AskApache Password Protect. Check and reply.

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    How to protect Wordpress sites

    You need to remove the WordPress version information. Each version of WordPress has flaws, many themes will be added in the Header part of the Meta section to declare you are using WordPress version. So if your interested parties on the site you want to start with, I think this version of the information will be him as an important basis for the invasion. This part is to advise you on this section of the following file from your fabric to remove (usually written in the header.php). <Meta name = "generator" content = "WordPress <? Php bloginfo ('version');?>" />. check and reply.

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    How to protect Wordpress sites

    You need to hide the plugins directory of the plug-in list. Vulnerability In addition to the program from outside of WordPress itself, plus the plug-in vulnerabilities may be caused by a reason, the hidden reason is to prevent intruders know you have to install the plug-in list, in order to reduce his vulnerability to go through some plug-ins Try the invasion means. Approach here is to create a blank index.html files on the plugins directory, the aim is that when connected to the http: // through this directory will be read and not directory index.html list. All the best.

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