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Thread: Updating Problem

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    Updating Problem

    Hello, I am having Bullguard 5.0 installed on my computer. I am trying to update the Bullguard 5.0. I have the knowledge that it updates by it's own. But, it has not updated from the month. Though, autoupdate feature is running, it is not giving any kind of problem. So, if you are having any kind of solution for this updates then please help me to solve that. I have internet and Bullgurard is able to connect to Server.

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    Re: Updating Problem

    Hello, It may be possible that you are getting the problem due to the problem in your computer settings. As some times your Firewall won't allow to download some of the files, which it think to be dangerous for your computer. So, if you want to solve your problem then you need to make use of the stopping your firewall and then you can simply solve your problem. So, simply make use of it and get solved for your problem.

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    Re: Updating Problem

    Hey, I am also getting the same problem. I have tried to update it with the internet and it started for some of the time. But, after that it simply turn off without giving any kind of error message. And that is why I am not able to get any kind of solution for my problem. As, if it provide you some or the other message then I can able to understand the reason behind this. So, if anyone had solved the problem then please provide that to me.

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    Re: Updating Problem

    Hello, I would suggest you to simply remove the Bullguard from your computer and then restart your computer. After restart you need to reinstall the new BullGuard on your computer. Then you can simply able to connect to the update server and you will able to get solved for your problem. So, just make use of the new setup for updating your BullGuard and then you will able to get solved for your problem.

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    Re: Updating Problem

    Hello, it may be possible that the some of the files which are required to update your BullGuard has been got corrupted or your some of the files are missing. And that is why it is not possible for bullguard to update itself. So, you must need to repair the setup of the bullguard. It will simply solve your problem. It is needed to make use of it. So, if all of the files are working then you will able to get the solution for your problem.

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