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Thread: Is it safe to use EScan antivirus

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    Is it safe to use EScan antivirus

    One of my friend he recommended "EScan antivirus" which i think is good to use on my computer, as i have seen that my friend he is using this antivirus and he can remove all the virus infections like malware, spyware, trojan etc.. from the computer. So before using this antivirus and installing it on my computer i need some information and users opinion on this antivirus. As i have MacAfee antivirus currently using on my computer. So please help me i using this antivirus.
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    Re: Is it safe to use EScan antivirus

    The "eScan AntiVirus" is a great virus protection tool which is designed and developed to protect your computer from the virus threats like viruses, spyware, adware, malware, keyloggers and hackers. This antivirus includes Anti Spyware and Adware detection and removal functions. It also has the feature of remote access file rights, by giving the restrictions of creation & modification of all the specific file types in a users specified folders.

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    Re: Is it safe to use EScan antivirus

    You can get this antivirus from the internet by going on the google search and from there you can get it, it is available in trial version for free and if it provides all the protection to your computer then you can buy it later. To have this antivirus, it needs some system requirements like the operating system must be Windows XP/2003 or Vista and the processor hould be 500 MHz, memory 128 MB, free space 300 MB, internet connection for the regular updation.

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    Re: Is it safe to use EScan antivirus

    I have the latest version of this tool on my computer which is "eScan AntiVirus 9.0". And i have noticed that this antivirus is a simple and nice tool to have on any particular computer. The only thing which i don't like is that it has a short trial period which is not good as there are other antivirus tools which have good trial period time. But the user interface of this game is very good and you can use it easily.

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    Re: Is it safe to use EScan antivirus

    As you have stated that you are currently using MacAfee antivirus on your computer, i think you don't need to have another antivirus on your computer, as this is the best antivirus to have in a personal computer. The only one thing you need is to update it regularly and you will not have any kind of virus problem on your computer. As you have said that you want to use Escan antivirus, then you need to uninstall the current one and then you can have this one.

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