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Thread: Internet security for Avira antivirus

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    Internet security for Avira antivirus

    I have my personal computer and i use windows XP on my computer, in free time i mostly use my internet for surfing and some web related work. I have installed "Avira Antivirus" on my computer to protect it from the viruses and spyware which are present on the net and effects the system. After installing avira i don't think that it can protect me form the viruses on the net as the work is of the internet security tool which comes with the antivirus. I need some good internet security tool which can protect my computer and work with avira.

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    Re: Internet security for Avira antivirus

    You can directly go to the official site of the avira site and there you can find the best "Avira Premium Security Suite" for your current avira antivirus. I have mentioned the link from there you can go to the site and there you need to select the product range which is provided in the form of self-unpacking EXE files. If you don't want to start the EXE files due to some reasons then you can unpack them with a useful data compression program, which can support RAR files.

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    Re: Internet security for Avira antivirus

    I have a suggstion for you, use this tool which is a security tool which can help you to protect your computer from the viruses which comes from the internet. "BitDefender Antivirus Internet Security Software" is a comlete tool for the securing your computer from viruses, spyware and malware with this tool. It is a tool which quickly blocks all the unknown viruses and malware and protect your pc everytime from the malacious files. It is a software which monitors your pc and prevents the spyware threats.

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    Re: Internet security for Avira antivirus

    Best Antivirus software and internet security programs is a complete tool which manages your computer and protect from unknown Viruses, Trojans, Malwares and Spyware infections. This software blocks all the unknown viruses and filters all the accessed web-pages from fraud links.

    Some Features of this software:

    1. It is equipped with very fast scanning techniques which perform quick virus scan.
    2. It quickly detect and removes all the spywares, trojans and malware.
    3. It is an advanced antivirus with spyware protection.
    4. It has advanced phishing attacks protection and also it has a Spam Blocker.
    5. This software is built with latest technology "internet security 2009".

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    Re: Internet security for Avira antivirus

    You can use "Comodo Internet Security Pro", it is the best security tool for personal computer. It is used by most of the people and they are protected against the threats from the internet. It has some key features like

    • It keeps you updated from all suspicious files.
    • It has a prevention based technology which stops viruses.
    • It ha Default Deny Protection which helps you to execute safe files.
    • It has the automatic updation for the most of the current protection.
    • It is a award winning security tool.

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    Re: Internet security for Avira antivirus

    I have this security tool known as "ZONEALARM Security Suite 2010", it protect my PC from viruses, spyware, phishing and other threats with the advanced computer security software. It is a leading computer and Internet security software for home and other small business computers and networks. The products includes Antivirus protection, Spyware removal, Internet Firewall, Internet browser security, ID theft prevention, email virus scan and many more. You can download the free trial of anti- virus and firewall software form the official website. It support the latest operating system like, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Internet Explorer, and FireFox.

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