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Thread: Connecting two wireless networks

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    Connecting two wireless networks

    Good evening,

    I wanted to know if it is possible to directly connect the two wifi netwroks together in order to share things, like for file sharing and resource sharing.

    Thank you

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    Re: Connecting two wireless networks

    Possibly with two wireless cards. I know that there are businesses out there that combines one or more internet connections into one. It should be possible, both networks would run on a different subnet, then get two wireless cards, and connect the two networks.

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    Re: Connecting two wireless networks

    VirtualWifi is a free software offered by Microsoft which abstracts a single WLAN card to appear as multiple virtual WLAN cards to the user. The software then allows the user to configure each virtual card to connect to a different wireless network. Therefore in short, VirtualWiFi allows a user to simultaneously connect his machine to multiple wireless networks using just one WLAN card.

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    Re: Connecting two wireless networks

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    Re: Connecting two wireless networks

    The simplest and most cost-effective to achieve your goals would be to buy access to low-end point as the NetGear MR814 (or similar access point in range SOHO Linksys, D-Link, etc.) These routers d access is very easy to configure and tend to come from both a WAN port (to share internet connectivity) and a full 4-port 10/100Mbps switch that is perfect for secure network connectivity to wired devices such Legacy as an office.

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