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Thread: Removing XF.Yagnuul.A

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    Removing XF.Yagnuul.A

    i am using a dell inspiron laptop installed with the windows 7. From last few days i am getting some alert messages regarding the XF.Yagnuul.A virus it had really affected my system performance because my system takes around 10 minutes for booting so i need a permanent solution to this XF.Yagnuul.A virus

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    Re: Removing XF.Yagnuul.A

    It would have been better if you have mentioned the antivirus which you are using on your system so that i can try to give a solution to you by with respect to that antivirus itself. It is not recommended always to skip to different different virus every time. try to specify the antivirus which you are using in your further posts

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    Re: Removing XF.Yagnuul.A

    Thanks for the reply since i posted this reply in a hurry and hence i forgot to post the information which you have asked for i had installed the symantec antivirus but it is only able to detect the antivirus but it is not able to remove it why i do not know . please suggest me a suitable remedy to get rid of this virus

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    Re: Removing XF.Yagnuul.A

    I would recommend you to download and install the Malwarebytes antimalware on your system. Remember to update the virus definition as soon as you install it on your system. Run the Quick scan on to your system this scanning will detect all the threats present on your system delete them.

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    Re: Removing XF.Yagnuul.A

    Install microsoft security Essential on to your system you will get this software available on the Microsoft official website freely. Try to download it carefully for your version of windows 7 operating system. Install it on your system and then run the scan and try to find out the viruses for your system. hope fully this will resolve your issue.
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