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Thread: How to remove dx.dll virus

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    How to remove dx.dll virus

    Recently i have purchased an Hcl Me laptop which is installed with windows 7 operating system. It appears as my system is infected with the dx.dll virus since i constantly get a pop-up message which is troubling me while i am working. Anyone feaced similar kind of virus can help to get rid of this dx.dll virus

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    Re: How to remove dx.dll virus

    The Malwarebytes antimalware is a very good antivirus program. Although it is available freely but the Malwarebytes antimalware is very much effective in removing such threats. hence it is recommended to download this antivirus program and install it on your machine and then try to remove the threat using the program.

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    Re: How to remove dx.dll virus

    I had the same virus on my pen drive which is really troubling it was infecting all my data on the pen drive ans also it is infecting my system every time when try to transfer some data from my pen drive to my system . Please help me to get rid of this virus problem as soon as possible. i would really appreciate the help.

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    Re: How to remove dx.dll virus

    As far as i know you will get rid of this error by installing the kaspersky 2010 Antivirus on your system. As soon as you finish the installation update the kaspersky 2010 Antivirus and then scan both the system as well as the pendrive . Remove the detected viruses and now both the system and the pendrive will be free from viruses.

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    Re: How to remove dx.dll virus

    To remove this threat you simply need to install the Microsoft security essential on your system. Copy the pen drive data to a particular folder then scan your whole system including the newly created folder after this and remove or delete the folders. This will certainly help you to remove the viruses and now you can move the data to the pen drive again.

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    Re: How to remove dx.dll virus

    Have you tried the spyware doctor 2010 antivirus program this is surely a very good program and you simply had to install it on your system after the installation you just have to scan the system. The spyware doctor 2010 is very easy to handle with a very good GUI and also it is available freely download it and use it.

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