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Thread: Kaspersky scan for Win32/SillyP2P.BY causes a BSOD error

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    Kaspersky scan for Win32/SillyP2P.BY causes a BSOD error

    Four days ago my computer was detected for a Win32/SillyP2P.BY trojan by Kaspersky antivirus. I selected the action to delete the trojan, but ass soon as I selected that I got a Blue Screen and computer got hanged in between. Since then whenever I scan my computer to delete the Win32/SillyP2P.BY trojan my computer displays a BSOD error when the trojan is detected by Kaspersky. How to remove this trojan and get my computer working normally?

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    Win32/SillyP2P.BY trojan provides Backdoor for remote attacker

    An infection from the Win32/SillyP2P.BY Trojan is a severe threat to the computer. this is because this Trojan in wild have been reported to steal the user information which also includes sensitive data and provide this information to the attacker sitting on a remote machine. The Trojan has a backdoor that allows the remote attacker access the infected computer.

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    explorer.exe is infected by Win32/SillyP2P.BY

    The reason your Kaspersky anti-virus is unable to remove the detected Win32/SillyP2P.BY malicious code is because this malicious code has infected the explorer.exe file. This is done by the payload component of the trojan that loads int the temp directory of Windows. This trojan propagates to infect other machines through removable drives and infecting instant messaging applications.

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    Win32/SillyP2P.BY Trojan in Windows Registry

    The Win32/SillyP2P.BY Trojan is causing a BSOD error is because it has made an entry in the Windows Registry. The trojan also has the ability to infect the anti-virus application so that it does not detects it. Also the trojan makes an entry in the Registry of Windows so that it is re-generated on each system boot. This makes it almost impossible to delete it.

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    Re-install Windows

    It seems the trojan is indeed very high level threat and has infected your system hugely. I do not think that any anti-virus scan would help you to delete the trojan permanently. But to get rid of it I would suggest your to re-install Windows so that the Windows Registry is refreshed and the Trojan Entry gets deleted.

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