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Thread: System infected by T_T virus

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    System infected by T_T virus

    I am using an HCL me laptop which is running with windows 7. I think that my system is infected by virus t_t. I frequently get popups on my system which says "Download this free antivirus". Then after sometime the laptop gets restarted always. So i tried to get in the safe mode but i was unable to do so. How can i get rid of this t_t virus. Please help.....

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    Re: System infected by T_T virus

    The best way to get rid of this virus is scan your system with a good anti virus. Also don't forget to update the virus definition before the scan. The scan the virus will be detected by the antivirus after updating the virus definition only. Remove all the threats detected during the scan by the antivirus.
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    Re: System infected by T_T virus

    I would recommend you the malwarebytes antimalware so try to download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. After downloading it install the malwarebyte and then update in before running the scan. After completing the whole computer scan delete all the viruses which the malwarebyte detects and this will resolve your issue.

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    Re: System infected by T_T virus

    Well this is a simple issue to get rid of this problem i think that you will have to disable or uninstall the currently installed antivirus on your system . After uninstalling this antivirus install a newer version of antivirus and this should solve your issue. If this does not solve your problem then try to purchase a new avti virus program.

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    Re: System infected by T_T virus

    Most probably you nees to install the system in the safe mode to get ris of this problem. And hence follow the steps which i have mentioned below:

    * Reboot your system.
    * Hold the f8 key during boot up.
    * You will get two option safe mode, or safe mode with networking.
    * Choose the second one with networking
    * Now scan your system and remove the viruses detected this will definitely help you.

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    Re: System infected by T_T virus

    I had faced this similar issue with my system and i tried a lot of antiviruses and other security stuffs but could not find a solution to this problem. Finally one of my friend suggested me to restore my system. I accepted his suggestion and i restored my system to a date before when it was stable. This idea reallyworked for me.

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    Re: System infected by T_T virus

    Hey bro why r u not try to a powerful tool called "Fake anti virus Remover "
    just google it and u will find it

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