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Thread: Safe Network file sharing software

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    Safe Network file sharing software

    What is good tool which can be used on an unsecured hotspot for p2p file sharing. I need some tools which can block and keep limited access to my computer. This is possible by vpn tunneling. But I did not want to go on such a advanced level but on the basic file sharing working. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Network file sharing software

    TeamViewer is a tool of control a remote computer via the Internet. Indeed, within minutes, you can take your hand, access to documents, transfer files, and much more. The application requires no installation or disabling firewall or other protection tools. So you have to check your firewall settings to ensure the same.

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    Re: Network file sharing software

    If you want to protect and regulate your incoming and outgoing connection then Hamachi is the best option in your case. It offers you to generate a private network via peer to peer. Thus when you are on hotspot or over any internet network you can easily share your file and control other computer also. In addition to this you can also run LAN networks.

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    Re: Network file sharing software

    Have you head about Wireshark. It is a protocol analyzer. The work of this software is to examine the data outflow on the network. The same is under examine if the data is capture from a disk. You can then browse that data, check summary or information on the same. There are much more powerful features on the same which gives out a filtered view of language and ability.

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    Re: Network file sharing software

    IPScan32 is primarily designed for LAN administrators. He keeps an eye on an Ethernet network by retrieving certain information on the positions connected. We can thus obtain for each machine compatible NetBIOS: IP address, NetBIOS name, DNS name, the login of the user who logged on, the area in which the position belongs, the MAC address and the server started. Note that this product is an interface for DOS commands familiar to administrators (ping, nbtstat, TRACERT, etc..) On which he relies greatly facilitating their use.

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    Re: Network file sharing software

    ISPCAN is a utility designed for local networks administrative. It allows one click to perform a ping on a range of IP addresses. Also you can get the hostname associated with the IP address. Hamachi can create as many private network as desired, each protected by a password. Connecting to a network using Hamachi servers (to return) but the transit information is entirely peer to peer (machine to machine without going through the servers of the publisher).

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