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Thread: How to get rid of phishing attack?

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    How to get rid of phishing attack?

    Phishing attacks are used by the criminals for stealing the confidential information from the user. This confidential information may include username, password, and the credit card details. Criminals do this by camouflaging as a reliable site or entity. Phishing attack are normally carried out through email or instant messaging. Through this they redirect the user to fake site and ask for the credentials. This plan is perfect and the novice user can get inside of this trap easily. I need to know how to avoid these kinds phishing attack.

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    Re: Do not send you banking credentials through email

    As you have said the phishing attacks are perfect for trapping a novice user but you can follow the preventive measure to avoid these kinds of attacks. For example never reply those email messages which ask for the personal or financial information. You must be suspicious about those emails which ask for your password or account details. One more thing no banking or financial institutions ask for these credential through email.

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    Re: How to get rid of phishing attack?

    If you are getting an email message that says that your account has been compromised then do not panic. Keep yourself cool and visit your bank and avoid going to the link which is mentioned in the email. Try not to respond to the phishing email just mark them as spam or delete them. The attackers do not have your complete information about you so instead of starting the email with your name they usually use the sentence like “Dear valued customer”. If you get email with this kind of sentence. Then deleting this email must be your first step.

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    Re: How to get rid of phishing attack?

    For detecting that the email is phishing email or not check for the spelling mistakes. Attackers normally use that for getting through spam anti spam software. For example something likes this “1nformati0n”. If you are 100% sure that the link is valid, then only click on the link given in the email. Try to avoid clicking on such kind of links. It will be good practice if you check your account on regular basis and keep a track of bank statements.

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    Re: How to get rid of phishing attack?

    If you are using your computer system for online banking then try to avoid visiting illegal sites like, porn sites, torrent, peer to peer networking sites, free software download sites etc. Because using these kinds of sites comes at a high risk. There is a saying that in this world nothing comes for, you have to pay for each and every thing you use. You will be visiting these sites keeping your security on risk.

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    Re: Install anti-spam software

    Numbers of preventive measures are mentioned in the above replies, but you must not forget to install the anti-spam software on your computer system. These anti-spam software will prevent you computer from many types of phishing email. You can also use firewall for keeping your personal information secure. It will be better if you block unauthorized communication. Regularly run the antivirus software for getting rid of virus, worms, Trojans, and backdoor which can harm your computer system.

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